Reflection On Life And Its Challenges Business Assignment

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· Your SDG and why you chose it for your presentation;
My chosen SDG was the good health and well being the reason why I chose it for my presentation was because I believe in good health care and I really value everyone being able to have access to health care. Also health care is one of the things people take advantage of so I wanted to educated my peers and I on what we can do for thoses who are suffering and do not have it.
· How taking action to address your goal will also help meet the targets of any other two SDGs;
Taking action of good health and well being will meet the targets of education and decent work and economic growth. Because when a person has good health they are able to focus on other things such as getting an education and then they are able to find decent work which will help with economic growth.
· Discussing at least one presentation from your classmates that made an impact on you and why;
One presentation from my classmates that made and impact on me was the one about poverty as I did not realize how close to home it hit. I did not look at the fact that even in Canada there can still be poverty, in one of the countries I see as one of the best. There are still people who need help and that we should not assume that everyone has it easy.
· How any two of your learning skills (responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, self-regulation) contributed to the success of your presentation and two that interfered/hindered in this process.
Independent work because I had to find the information and work quietly myself, aslo making the time to make sure I get the work done as this is not day school. I needed to make sure all my parts were done. Collaboration because I did not know my partner and seeing as this was the first time that I meet her we had to work together and...

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