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Reflection On Love: The Aeneid And The The Tabula Cebelis

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True love in a story must be acted on by two different people. It cannot be made to happen by an outside force or it will be doomed to fail. In this essay we will look at two different texts. The first being The Aeneid and the second book being the Tabula Cebelis. We’ll look at different instances of love that are highlighted between both texts and discuss rather it is an instance of true love or a deceitful love. Deceitful love being one that is influenced by an outside source or a person that is just using love to further their own desires. Where true love is one that is evident when two characters meet and are truly committed to each other.
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We finally reach the point where Juno who is portrayed as the patron of Carthage who has a vendetta against Aeneas because he is Trojan. Is trying to push Dido and Aeneas together and get them alone with each other. Which he does eventually on hunting trip that both characters take. Where he leads them into an empty cave in the wake of a harsh storm. There Dido and Aeneas make love for the first time. Here we see where Juno didn’t really force love on the two he kind of just led them down the right path.
Towards the end of this scene other gods get word of what is happening between this two characters and are not happy about it. Mercury state’s “For love of a wife are now building the foundation of high Carthage and a pleasing city? Alas, forgetful of your kingdom and fate”(4 219-278).Mercury is sent to remind Aeneas that he must build this city in Italy for his father. Aeneas being reminded completely drops everything and begins to set sail in a couple of days. This devastates Dido that he would just leave in an instance just like that. Dido eventually cannot take the pain of losing Aeneas and commits suicide by stabbing herself in the chest with a roman sword and falling in a fire. Now to look at everything that happened, is what they had true love or something else. We can see with everything that took place that what Dido had was true love. Her love was to the point that she couldn’t live without Aeneas anymore so she would have taken her own life instead. So she could rid her mind of the memory of Aeneas. Now what Aeneas had was not true love. He just up and left Dido without even questioning it. Not even considering staying with her and being king of Carthage or just taking her with him. It seems to the reader that his form a love was more of a passing through kind of love. It was just another stop on is journey to Italy. Once he was reminded of his true purpose he all but forgot of what they had been through together.
The Tabula Cebelis is not a much a story is that it’s a link between human and divine education. We will discuss how pleasure and desire are related to love in the text. One quote inside the tabula states that ‘“Some of these women lead to salvation’, ‘while others by deception lead to destruction (69 2-3)”’. You can relate this quote back to the Aeneid in a way. That if Aeneas had true love for Dido and brought her with him to help build his city. That this would have brought destruction to Carthage with no leader to help run it. Dido would have surely left with Aeneas without thinking of the fate of her country. Apate is labeled in the Tabulas as the goddess of deceit. She is credited to be able to infect ignorance and error to the minds of men. As quoted from the text “The ignorance and error which he drank from deceit; likewise, pretentious, desire, incontinence, passion, avarice, and all the rest with which he was infected in the first enclosure (94 5-6).” This statement can also be linked back to the gods of the...

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