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First of all, let’s define what sexual culture is. Sexual culture is essential the
norm, the cultural norm and expectations for sex and sexual acts. Adolescence is
essentially when an individual becomes aware of his or her own sexuality. In doing so,
their thoughts, feelings and behaviors are very much shaped and affected by the sexual
culture they have seen in media and society.
I think that sexual culture is more damaging to girls. Our sex culture today
encourages teenagers towards sexual activities as Dr. Penner mentioned in lecture. It’s
an easy sell, however, sex at such a young age is more damaging to girls because of
several reasons.
First, girls in general are known feel more attachment than boys. It’s a naturally
occurring thing. I personally didn’t ever question why until today while reflecting on this
question. I did some research on why girls get attached more emotionally. One of the
reasons could be due to the fact that girls are natural nurtures; since their bodies have
the ability to reproduce they are natural caregivers. Thus, they tend to feel more
emotionally attached. Furthermore, men and women both produce a hormone called
“Oxytocin” during sex. It is also often referred to as the “attachment molecule”, it is
released in higher quantities in women because it helps a mother bond to the child in
her womb. Thus, women tend to get more attached to their sex partners due to the high
levels of oxytocin released during sex. Compared to men, who release estrogen and
testosterone that often shuts oxytocin down which causes them to not feel very
attached. This can pose a problem when you consider today’s sex culture, where casual
sex is promoted and seen as normal thing to do. Growing up, virginity is seen as this
precious and treasured thing that a girl should only loose to her one true love. In lecture,
Dr. Penner talked about how girls love love, they have this whole idea of romance from
movies and the idea of a Prince Charming. This is what boys take advantage of. They
lure her into thinking that he loves her, and that she is the most beautiful thing in the
world, when in reality he just wants to have sex and loose his...

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