Reflection On Special Needs Students Being In Typical Classrooms Recast Project

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When I first heard about this project, I instantly knew that I wanted to recast my project into a piece of art. My argument was that special needs students should be in typical classroom. I chose this median because I have always had a passion for art, but the main reason why I chose this median is because I have seen many special needs students reflect through art. In my personal experience, children with special needs are often very skilled at art, or just love creating pictures, paintings, etc. Since the majority of special needs students love art, I decided it would be cool if I could make an argument through art. The audience I created my project toward is teachers, students, and parents. My project is open to interpretation. Different people will have different feeling when looking at it. Even though my goal in creating this project was to argue special needs students in typical classrooms, I think there are many other ideas when one looks at this median.
When approaching this project, I know that I wanted to have children of different kinds together holding hands. I also new that I wanted to have both positive words and negative words that special needs students are called on a regular basis. But other than theses few thing, I left my project open ended. When I was thinking about creating my project, I went to Michael’s to get ideas and the necessary tools I needed to recast my argument. I left Michael’s with a blank white canvas, paint, and clear beads.
That night, I came back and looked over my exploratory paper and my research argument paper to find words that I was going to use surround the children. The authors I used in my other papers had differing examples of words that other called special needs kids, both positive and negative. With these words, I also used many words I have heard from personal experience. I think the words from my own personal experience make a more powerful impact. In elementary school, I went to school with kids who had special needs, and I remember other students would make fun of the special needs student because they were ‘different’. The first word I wrote on my project was different. I personally always thought being different was a good thing, but many people have a negative connotation with the word. I included many other negative words such as the ‘R’ word, ‘detached’, ‘disabled’, ‘dumb’, and many more. All these words are placed underneath the children to show that they are stepping on the negative words, and as Bruce Allen Knight said, “extinguishing their differences,” and ultimately coming together (Knight 8). I found this image very important because it shows that even young people can see past difference and come together as one. When thinking about this project, I knew that I wanted to include negative words so that students, parents, and even some teacher see these are hurtful to special needs students even when it is not used directly at them. ...

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