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Reflection On The Missouri Teacher Standards, Standard 5

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Educators must have the understanding of the single student and his or her behaviors, so that when they are in pairs for assignments a positive, active learning environment will be created.
In my Technology for Teachers class, we exposed ourselves to a few programs that could be for teachers to help make a lesson more interesting. One of the programs we used was called Comic Life 2. This program helped kids and teacher a like create stories and comics with ease. In addition, Comic Life 2 has various templates, icons, and backgrounds to choose from. My teacher, Mrs. Seward, thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to utilize the program to create our own set of classroom rules. Her instructions didn’t involve any set number of rules that had to be made. Also, we weren’t required to create our comic book pictures; we were allowed to find photos on the internet that would be appropriate instead.
For my comic book, I decided to hand draw every image and color them on my computer using a program called GIMP. The program allowed me to implement vibrant colors and clean lines to make cute characters and their situations. The background I chose resembled that of an old notebook and was entitled, “Rules For The Art Room.” I included eight rules that I would like to be followed: listen to the teacher’s instructions, put your supplies away, don’t throw things in the classroom, don’t draw on anyone else or yourself, be polite, be nice to each other, use your manners, and have fun. The comic itself is five pages and includes large print that hopefully everyone can see.
After reviewing the aspects of the artifact, I believe the philosophies that are best illustrated would be the combination of Philosophical Analysis and Axiology. “Values are based
on reasoning.” My motive comes from values that I have learned as I have grown older; to be respectful to others and follow rules. Additionally, I would like to teach in...

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