Reflection Paper On Erin Brokovich

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REFLECTION PAPER ON ERIN BROKOVICHThe movie entitled Erin Brokovich depicts a lesson that teaches us on true leadership, persistency against odds; motivating people, purpose, passion, corruption and how to deal with people to respond. This film is based on a true story on the real scenario of events about a woman who have been down on her luck, a single mother of three children, divorce twice and fallen near into the brink of poverty. But instead of hitting rock bottom, she manages to get up on her feet and fanatically demanded a job at a law firm of Ed Masry who she feels indebted to her after failing her car accident case where she will not take no for an answer. Her fiery and stubborn ...view middle of the document...

And in the middle of the process where many people from the community are starting to complaint these health like the Jensen's because of health issues concerning through illness, miscarriages, cancer and try to even the have nerve to cover it up with other excuses like poor dieting or genetics cause these diseases when the actual fact is that PG&E is clearly responsible but instead they insist saying it was the people's own fault that they get sick in the first place and do not involve them. They were denying allegations against them even when they are clearly at fault. They even tried to bribe these people with money and pay for a doctor to examine them that tells these victims the chromium is not the reason for their health problems, an underhanded tactic indeed. I think that doctor was bribe as well. They even tried to bribe personnel within the law firm of Ed Masry to hide documents of data that can be used against them which was fortunate that Erin manages to find out in time and confront him stating on how he even sleeps at knowing others will suffer or worst die in the process. They cause these people to suffer and destroyed their livelihoods and health state severely as well as no regards also on polluting the environment especially the waters thus destroying it by their actions. The chromium they are using says are safe that claiming they do not used hexavalent chromium anymore which is clearly not the case...


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817 words - 3 pages activities of individuals and business alike. Economic liberalism has weaknesses, however. The most profound weakness is its dependence on the beneficial effects of self-interest and its undue reliance on competition to regulate the economy and promote the general welfare.Government intervention is a necessary remedy to the disproportions that developed under economic liberalism. This role can be defined as the time when the state (national

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1036 words - 4 pages humanity in the wake of immense suffering that strips you of your dignity and worth. In conclusion, the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust was so profound that they were affected on all levels beginning with being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually affected to being treated like animals stripped of all self dignity and humanity.Bibliography for Pride and Prejudice Reflection Paper1. Weisel, Elie, Weisel, Marion. Night. New York: Hill and Wang, 2006. Print.

Why Are Interns Blue? This paper is a reflection on Robert Marion's book, "The Intern Blues."

1035 words - 4 pages admitted to giving less-than-ideal care as a result. Interns and residents in the university's internal medicine program most often identified sleep deprivation, frequent shifts lasting longer than 24 hours and an overall lack of leisure time as their major stressors. As is commonly known, sleep deprivation impairs an individual on many levels. For example, a person's immune system can be weakened, causing increased susceptibility to illness

Ethical Issues in film Erin Brockovich

1129 words - 5 pages Brokovich displayed utilitarian ethical attributes because she wanted the best resolution in order to benefit the greatest number of people. “Utilitarianism is the moral doctrine that we should always act to produce the greatest good for the greatest number, and that our action should produce the greatest possible balance of good over bad for everyone affected by our action. An action is right or wrong depending on its consequences”. Erin went to

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978 words - 4 pages Soderbergh? Soderbergh's films claim so many different genres, it's hard to say that he has a style at all. From the Noir-ish "Limey," to the studio-friendly "Erin Brokovich," to the docu-drama "Traffic," he has strayed so far from pigeonholing that one hardly knows what to expect next. Will he have a smash-hit action thriller like "Out of Sight" or the upcoming "Ocean's Eleven," or will you be treated to a more personal, independent

Ethical Errors in Erin Brokovich

1010 words - 4 pages Erin Brokovich, based on a true story, is a story about an intriguing single mother named Erin whose actions eventually lead to the biggest lawsuit against any corporation in history. Struggling, the ball starts rolling for Erin when she gets into a car accident. Her lawyer thinks she will win in a court case from her accident, but they lose. In compensation for the loss, Erin is given a job at the law firm and begins to dig into a case against

Erin Brockovich

1493 words - 6 pages she is speaking. Throughout the interview Erin shows interest on what Donna is telling her, giving Donna the impression that what she is saying is very important. Another situation of active listening is when Erin Brockovich goes to the University to talk to a toxicologist expert to get information about the chromium, or in the interview that Erin has with Tom Robinson and his wife, also she shows her active listening skills when she is in a pub

Erin Brockovich

2084 words - 8 pages MIDTERM PART 2Section 1. Part 1.The scene opens in California, with the main protagonist, Erin Brokovich, a single mom to three kids, who is desperately looking for a job. With no aquired skill sets, or past work experiences besides having been in beauty pagents, Brockovich indubitably is denied at her job interview. Feeling defeated, her stress evident, the day wouldn't have been complete without a parking ticket placed on her car. Things

Erin Brockovich

2132 words - 9 pages causing many of the residents of Hinckley to becoming vitally ill. They tried covering up the event by informing the residents of Hinckley that their illnesses were not brought on by the release of the poison toxins in their area. Erin Brockovich who played an advocate to many of the victims of the contamination found through extensive research that PG&E was responsible for the client's illnesses. Erin had worked for Ed Masry as a filing clerk

Gen and Kelly

1153 words - 5 pages appreciative of that. I could go on for hours about how much you mean to me, but there isn’t enough ink in the world to print a paper that big. You have changed my life for the better, and I can never thank you enough for that. I love you, Erin.

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1043 words - 4 pages Untitled Short Paper: On Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift in his piece, A Modest Proposal, uses satiric devices, mathematical equations and ludicrous logic to make the reader think about the enormity of the problems present in Ireland. By using the primary text, A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift and secondary texts such as; Donald Baker's Tertullian and Swift's "A Modest Proposal"; Barbara

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