Reflection Questions About The Novel "My Brother Sam Is Dead"

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My Brother Sam is DeadChapter 1Explain Mr. Meeker's statement, "You may know principle, Sam, but I know war."Mr. Meeker is saying that Sam doesn't really know what a war is. He has been in a war but Sam hasn't. He has seen a lot of things like 'a dear friend lying in the grass with the top of his skull off and his brains sliding out of them like wet oats' (p21) which Sam hasn't. He is telling his son how terrible a war is and trying to make him not join the army. He is also telling him that he shouldn't risk his life on anything like his principle because his life is the most important thing and it isn't worth it.Chapter 2a. Explain the statements that Mr. Meeker makes, "But you never get rid of injustices by fighting."What Mr. Meeker means is that getting rid of injustices by fighting is another injustice. He means that fighting is not good and should find another way to get rid of injustices. So he doesn't think the Rebel army is right and thinks that they should stop the war now. He also doesn't want other people to agree with the Rebel army and help them.b. How is Mr. Meeker's comment an argument against war?Mr. Meeker's comment is an argument against war because as I say above, he thinks getting rid of injustices by fighting is another injustice.c. Explain the statements that Sam makes. "Either we're going to be free or we're not."Sam is saying that to be free the people of the colonies have to fight. He thinks fighting is the only way to be free. It also means that Sam thinks the King who is so far away from the colonies shouldn't be the governor of the colonies and they should not let him govern their country. "He (the King) thinks he's going to teach us a lesson. But we're going to teach him one" (p35)He's telling Tim to join in his side and make him help the Rebel army.d. How is Sam's comment an argument for war?Sam's comment is an argument for war because he thinks fighting is the only way to be free and thinks that they should attack the British troops before they attack the Rebel army.Chapter 3a. How would you explain Tim's statement, "It made me wonder how the war was going to make us freer if you couldn't read any paper you wanted anymore."I would explain Tim's statement as an argument against the war. He is saying that if people can't read any paper you want that's not freedom. It means that he doesn't like the war and think about what would happen to him and his family after the war.b. What does this tell you about war and revolution in general?It tells me that normally people were against the war and they didn't want to be restrained. I can also know that the war made people can't do certain things like buying a Tory newspaper.Chapter 4Tim said,"...anybody who joined the army to fight couldn't be a coward." Do you agree or disagree, and why?I agree because although they would have known that they might get injured or even die in the battle but they still joined the army and that's a real brave thing. I think people who risk their...

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