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Reflective Practice is a continuous action that directly affects anyone who is a practitioner. Jasper (2006, p. 53) argued that the benefit to the profession is in the development of the nursing knowledge base and in the recognition that nurses are contributing to both patient care and improved practice. Further, Jasper (2006, p. 43) explains that Reflective Practice is the foundation upon which reflection and reflective learning are based. Jasper illustrated this process graphically with the following Reflective Process equation.

Experience + reflection + learning = change in behaviour/ action

The following paper is a critical reflection based upon an experience I had as a student mental health nurse upon a recent placement. The primary aims of this paper are to explore both the legal and ethical issues surrounding the administration of medication to an individual reasoned to lack mental capacity. In order to facilitate these aims by means of an approach that is both informatively critical and effective I will conduct the following; describe my experience in brief; Consider nursing policy and legislative law alongside a number of popular philosophical frameworks which are grounded within public health ethics. And, I shall; surmise throughout my reflective critique where professional ethics within current mental health practise stands at present by paying particular attention to and critically analysing the implementation of a values-based approach as a core component of mental health ethics.

In keeping within current legislation on the protection and respect of an individuals’ right of anonymity, (Clamp, Gough and Land 2004; Polit and Beck 2007), and to confidentiality, (Burns and Grove 2003; Munhall 2007), any and all possible identifiable characteristics of the client have either been altered or omitted entirely where the potential for identification of the client was seen as possible or probable. I shall refer to the client whom I worked with as Jane however, due to the aforementioned the gender of the client should not be deemed as either factual or an alteration.

On starting my placement within an assisted living home, I was introduced to a number of clients’ including Jane. Jane was a 40 year old woman who, I was told, had suffered oxygen deprivation at birth which consequentially resulted in irreversible brain damage, (Gates 2002; Scott 2006; Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman 2009). The damage sustained by Jane at birth was cited as being what caused her to have regular epileptic fits, Devinsky (2008), a gross reduction in her visual acuity, Roman-Lantzy (2007) as well as severe deficits in Jane’s cognitive perception, Heinrichs (2001) and intellectual capacity and understanding of the world around her, Mangal (2008).
Like many of the other residents of the house, Jane was on long term daily medication, primarily due to her epilepsy, Falvo (2005). Jane needed continual help with all her basic everyday living needs such as...

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