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Reflections On The Basis Of Writing

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I am quite egregious at writing. It's just that plain and simple. The words don't come to me by second nature and the various points that rattle around my brain I can never seem to bring to fruition. So why do I write? I write because of men like Edmund Burke. An Irish statesman and philosopher, he was once quoted for saying: “To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” He understood the value of applying what was written to his own thought; considering what he read as something more to reap from and less to flirt with idle time.
In the same way, I have viewed my everyday written text as works to carefully scrutinize and ponder. I will admit, time is taxed by this manner. But I believe there's no other way to make every jot and tittle count. Therefor, as examples, the main focus of my article will be my own humble attempts at poetry, automotive cataloging, and daily devotions.
The first is quite simple and rather explains my writing's development, or lack thereof. I started writing most of my poetry at about sixteen and garnered steam from there. Using pictures gleaned from the internet, I would turn the basic concept of what I interpreted into my individual prose. It may not be of the most original persuasion, but thus far it has worked quite well for its intended purpose. Marrying the rhetoric and design gave me the challenge to concentrate past the many descriptions and try to bring out the essence of both the poem and the painting. Ensconcing past triviality, I just wanted to reflect upon what was there.
Now the same could be said for my daily devotions. Another way of saying Bible study, it is a spiritual exercise as an act of faith. Basically, I read then write about it. But why write about that which has already been written in the first place? Well, what I find when I read the Bible is that I don't always “read between the lines”. Going back over the praises, exclamations, and lithography helps me to understand the spiritual underpinnings of what the...

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