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Reflections On Social Welfare Essay

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“The various social services provided by a state for the benefit of its citizens” is the literal definition of social welfare. However, after completing this course, an Introduction to Social Welfare, I can confidently assert that a country’s or a state’s social welfare system is far more intricate than this simplified definition. A social welfare system is composed of many interconnected macro, mezzo and micro levels. Each of these levels has an impact on their respective communities, governments and nation. After taking a closer look into our social welfare system, I’ve been humbled to find a group of professionals that are dedicated to service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity and competence which holds true to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. These ethical views and values have only further empowered me to continue perusing my master’s degree in social work.
As I reflect on the semester and my time in this class, I don’t know how my views towards social welfare couldn’t have changed to some degree. Going into this course as a declared social work major, I already had a vested interest in the material being covered and the topic of social welfare. However this was simply an interest, not an understanding. I can now say that I have successfully gained a basic understanding of how our social welfare system operates and it’s importance to our society and its success. My attitudes and ideas regarding social welfare have changed during the length of this class because I participated in engaged learning and was exposed to many new theories and ideas. I realized that our social welfare system is very complex and is constantly undergoing reform based on the political atmosphere and environment of any specific time period. However, this constant change is necessary in order for the system to best serve those in need. Three key points that I learned from this class are: one, how there’s still a lingering stigma concerning social welfare in today’s society, two, the reality that so many of our social problems can be traced back to a root cause of poverty and three, the fact that social welfare and social work have so much to offer me as a student pursing a profession career. I’ve made it a point to be successful in this course being that it’s my major. One of the best measurements for success is being able to recognize how you’ve grown as a person as a result of an experience. As my views on social welfare have changed, I too have grown as a person.
While the US social welfare system is commonly known for addressing social issues such as poverty, hunger and oppression it is not typically thought of as having to face the different issues associated with globalization. Gary Craig, Professor of Social Justice at the University of Hull, proposes that the community development branch of our social welfare system, internationally, is seeing the negatives of...

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