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Reflective Comparison On Eastern Religions Essay

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Reflective Comparison on Eastern ReligionsJennifer E. MikkaAshford UniversityReligion 113: Comparative ReligionJonathan SharpeMarch 10, 2007Reflective Comparison on Eastern ReligionsReligion is a very general term that has characteristics that are as wide as the mind can think. However, when looking at religions in a specific area usually one can see similarities in their ways. I was surprised at the difference in the concepts and practices in eastern religions. Through the Comparative Religion course at Ashford University, I learned that life can have an entirely different meaning when looking at it through eastern faiths. Eastern Religions include concepts as no specific God or Gods, multiple Gods, religions with different or no sacred books and man made paths to righteousness, meditation practices and paths that are neither 'right" or "wrong" but should be balanced. When looking into these religions one must keep an open mind and look at the pros in order to fully appreciate the worth of each individual entity.One of the characteristics I have always presumed to go hand in hand with religion is the belief in a God or Supreme Being. In the case of Taoism and Buddhism the theory of a Supreme Being stays in tact. However, both these religions hold God at a height far above human understanding. In Taoism, God is considered the Great One. Buddhism takes God to a whole new level whereas the purpose of the religion is not to understand God or to follow him rather to become one with him or her through enlightenment. When one becomes one with God his or her soul is extinguished and no longer exists.Through the comparative religion course I have been exposed to religions that hold multiple gods or deities. Although I knew there were religions out there that had multiple gods or different gods I did not understand the concept of this until this course. Hinduism is a religion that holds multiple gods that are task specific. Even though there are many Gods, Hinduism holds the Buddhist view of those deities. Living Religions: A Brief Introduction, sets an example of this as Fisher states, "The devas included both opaque earth gods and transparent deities of the sky and celestial realms. But behind all the myriad aspects of divinity, the sages perceived one unseen Reality. This Reality, beyond human understanding, ceaselessly creates and sustains everything that exists, encompassing all time, space, and causation," (Fisher, 2002, 49-50). This is quite different from the faith I was raised in, because the idea in Christianity is to yearn to be like god. Therefore, one can imply that Christians understand who or what God is in and work to achieve the same behaviors. Since the God or deities are viewed differently within Hinduism and Buddhism the religious path is quite different to what I am accustomed to.There are several guiding factors and practices that one must follow in order to reach the "final...

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