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Reflective Essay In Camden County College Camden County College Essay

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Linh Dang
Professor: Teller
December 08,2016
Self-Reflective Essay
Core Value 1: Through the revision of my essay “Writing Process,” my first essay told with everyone about each author offer some valuable insight to the writing process. I learned how to write an essay without being nervous and confused. I understand that writing is a multistage process, and I can revise based on feedback. After I heard about the topic from my professor, Ms. Teller, I thought immediately about writing plan that I often do. Then I wrote it down in the most natural feelings, I did not care about structure, grammars and so on. That is a reason why I received lots of comment about errors in my essay. For example, I wrote “Do you know how you wrote an essay in school? Writing is an important skill to learn in college. All students have to know the ways they learn and practice to be good writers from freshman to graduate to get success. However, everyone has different ways to do it.” Ms. Teller told me that she confused about the thesis, and I have to introduce three authors on it, so I need to redo it to make it clear. I feel I spent a lot of time to do this because I used to write under the inspiration that does not follow any rules. I revise it to say, “Do you know how you wrote an essay in school? Writing is an important skill to learn in college. All students have to know the ways they learn and practice to be good writers from freshman year to graduation to be successful. However, through three articles I read in Writing class, “Shitty First Draft” from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott published in 1994; “All Writers Have More to Learn” from Naming What We Know Threshold Concept of Writing Structure by Shirley Rose in June 2015; and Learning to write Effectively Requires Different Kind of Practice, Time and Effort” by Kaleen Blake Yancey. I not only learned their processes on how to write the most effective essay, but also I can see that they have different ways to write it.” In conference meeting, I talked with my professor about my essay; I explained about the thesis, and she helped me how to develop it. Therefore, when I look back my essay, I felt that it was a big step. I made it more clear and convincing to readers by using three reputed authors.
Core value 2: Throughout writing my essay “Writing process.” I have studied to understand how careful reading and analysis helps me to create meaning in my writing. When I wrote the “Writing Process” essay, I wanted to tell my readers writing an essay is a long procedure, and it cannot be rush; you will not finish it in the first draft. “.” The purpose I wrote these examples because I wanted to show that so I explained, “”.
Core value 3: In the revision of my first essay “Should Grit Be Educated in School?”. I understood how my purpose for writing and my audience shape my writing. My purpose for writing this essay is to reflect
Core value 4: In my essay “Do People Choose Who They Become?” I understood how to use...

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