Feedback As A Powerful Tool For Personal Development

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Upon completing the Managerial Roles Gap Analysis which identified the different roles that managers engage in within the organization, I learned that managers were very pivotal to the organization viz a viz their dynamic roles in the ever increasing demands and changes of the jobs. Managers need to undergo leadership training and develop some of their (inherent) leadership skills in order to be effective. Managers unlike my assumptions growing up are active participants in their organizations depending on the roles that they engage in per time be it informational, interpersonal/relational and/or decision making.

I believe that the roles most important is decisional roles, that the manager who functions in this roles is a higher level manager, as described by Yuki, G. (2001). At this point, he directs and decides the more specific direction the organization is headed in terms of identifying key and strategic opportunities, respond to both internal and external crisis, determine how key resources are distributed whilst also negotiating agreements and contracts with people within and outside the organization.

Looking ahead, I would say that there is a need to develop both Interpersonal and Decisional roles beyond my current capabilities in order to be more efficient and effective in my output. One of the ways that I intend to develop both roles is by developing my communication skills. “Communication is how you learn, and learning is how you become aware. Communication is how you resolve conflicts; help develop others and how you understand the other person’s point of view” (Kathrin Tschiesche: 2012). It also means reading and keeping abreast with existing and emerging trends which would in turn help to take timely decisions by collaborating with all team members.

However, through the process of identifying one’s strengths or weaknesses as a leader it is important to embrace feedback. ‘Feedback is the activity that involves discussing a person’s strengths and weaknesses with suggestions on how to improve them…Feedback aligns workplace behavior with the overall goals of a team or an organization’ (Harms & Roebuck, 2010:413). In short, feedback if done properly is a powerful tool for personal development. With this in mind, feedback would be invaluable to me as a manager and leader because it would help me to know the strengths and weaknesses of me and others, help to give and receive positive feedback, promote collaborative efforts, builds individuals self awareness and confidence, helps to motivate and maintain a positive environment.
In either giving or receiving feedback, it is important to me to develop my listening skills, self-awareness and self-control. Listening is the key to feedback. However, it is important to ensure that while listening I maintain eye contact, focus on the speaker, and respond appropriately ensuring that body language and other gestures are in tandem. In giving feedback, I will ensure to use language that is...

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