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Journal Entry 1: Networking Essential Skills for Committees
Humans are social beings, and thus they need to keep communicating from time to time. These communications makes it easier for communities to engage in a given discipline to address an impeding challenge. Nevertheless, coordinating a large group of individuals proves to be a daunting task with many having mixed responses and motivations. In response to this, committees are set up to address a particular issue arising in the community.
In this journal entry, I have learnt that neighborhood associations consistently engage in projects, activities, and events that help to create a stronger network connection. Information provided on ...view middle of the document...

In all cases, communication is identified as a critical factor in the success of the committee.
I find this information strongly correlated to a career management scenario. Career management is a broad spectrum that needs to be broken down into smaller chunks for better management. Scaffidi and Berman (2011) highlight the concept career mentoring as an approach to help apprentices achieve professional experience in a given field. When an employee joins an organization that has mentorship programs, individuals within respective departments are given the mandate to show such an individual how to carry out specific business functions (Ehrich 1994). De Klerk and Saayman (2012) highlight a scenario in which career guidance is directed towards Artpreneurial success.
I find this approaches being strongly tied to that of the journal in a number of ways. First, the challenge of career management is divided into specific compartments. These compartments make it easier to have managements delegate career guidance to specific departments to ensure improvements of their employees (Addams, Woodbury, & Addams 2010).
Secondly, mentorship programs work mainly on voluntary basis, although some cases call for allocation to avoid burdening some individuals. Making decisions within these small mentorship and career management programs is considerably easy as compare to making an organization-wide career decision. For instance, a shift in organization focus that will adversely affect career paths leads to major restructuring strategies and change management practices, which incur huge cost in the implementation phases. Even so, implementation of these huge restructuring approaches will require committees to develop an integration plan and make revisions to align the organization’s employee base with the organization’s futuristic outlook.
Journal Entry 2: Networking Industry Perspective
The journal by David Wark offers insights into networking approaches from an industry perspective. Apparently, organization management are realizing the importance of creating corporate networks for better market positioning and improved business outlook. These networks are making it easier for managers from different companies to share crucial ideas in running a company and engaging with key stakeholders in the company. Many company decisions are seeking reflective guidance from these networks
This journal offers insights into the networking theory. I was fascinated to learn that industries are seeking networking arenas to improve on their interpersonal relationships. Apparently, leaders within an organization are perceived to be above ordinary workers and thus they have a limited number of social friends. This makes them to become socially lonely. However, their need to create and improve on their social connection has led to the development of a new networking trend. This networking trend has been found to affect individuals, groups, and organization’s belief model based on the...


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