Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper
What makes life so invigorating is not solely coming to the finale of one’s journey, but rather, it is the journey itself. It is the experiences of the extreme highs and lows, mountains and valleys, and rivers of live that must be championed in order to achieve one’s personal goals that make all of the difference.
This degree program is indeed a journey; however it is one in which promises a great return of which serves as a tremendous benefit towards both this writers’ professional and personal development. Therefore, although this degree is a challenge, it is one in which is taken with great excitement understanding that its completion leads towards more opportunities in which the writer can maneuver into and success. Within this assignment the writer will give a reflection on the relationship between this degree program and his professional goals sharing the correlation between the two.
Correlation between the degree program and professional goals
The motivation towards the writer returning to school for his PhD was fueled a two-fold objective to be satisfied through the completion of the doctorate of philosophy in education. First, the advice received during his first semester of graduate school, by Dr. Paul Wolfe, who at the time served as the Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of New Testament and is considered a Biblical scholar has fueled the writers desire in pursuing this particular degree. Dr. Wolfe encouraged the writer of the importance of being considered a theologian within the confines of the church and within academia, which included both the sacred and the secular. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Wolfe strongly suggested the writer to receive a PhD from a non-religious institution of higher education.
The second motivation...

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