Reflective Paper Based On Interview Of A Person In A Career That Interests Me

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It was my original intention to interview Lad Akins Director of Special Projects at REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation). Lad was also Executive Director of REEF from when it was started in early 1990’s. So not only is he an employee, but is familiar with anybody who has ever been employed at REEF. Furthermore, it would have been interesting to get an answer to the question, When you were young did you want to grow up to run a non-profit marine conservation organization? A schedule miscommunication took place, and Lad was out in the ocean collecting data when I showed up at REEF Headquarters in Key Largo. However, the new Lionfish Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Underwood was ...view middle of the document...

“It” is a key ingredient to a career in marine conservation.
“It” in my opinion is the thought that great things can only be achieved by those obsessed with the endeavor. “It” can overcome all obstacles. “It” puts you in the right place at the right time. “It” offers up opportunities not available to people without “it”. “It” is always ready us. We are not always ready for “it”. The path provided by “it” is rarely a straight line. Very young people connected to “it” are often called prodigies. “It” will drive individuals past their own preconceived limitations. “It” can cause conflict between people with “it”, and people without “it”.
“It” was ready and waiting for Elizabeth when she did a semester at the School of Field Studies in the Turks and Cacaos. During that semester, she was introduced to REEF and the invasive Lionfish problem. She did her independent project there on Lionfish. “It” was there when Elizabeth did a REEF field trip studying Lionfish and met Lad Akins for the first time. “It” led Elizabeth to an internship at REEF. She completed the internship at REEF, and then did another internship at the Cape Eleuthera Institute. While she was conducting Lionfish Education, at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, “it”...

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