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As per the course requirement, we have undergone the process of planning an international music event. While the whole process was a simulation, we could still realize the challenges and excitements that an event manager faces in his/her career.At the first phase of the project, groups were formed following Belbin's Theory (West, 2004). Belbin proposed a model that specifies the aspects of an individual's personality, i.e. strength and weakness that he/she shows in workplace. According to the model, there are nine roles an individual can play within a group. These roles are: Plant, Resource investigator, Coordinator, Shaper, Monitor evaluator, Team worker, Implementer, Completer finisher, and Specialist. I was chosen to play the role of Team worker within my group. My core responsibilities were to carry out the instructions given by the team leader and cooperate with others on every stage of the event simulation planning.As we have experienced, the planning of an event, especially an international music gig is a complex process. There are a number of factors that need to be considered along the way and the event itself has multifaceted impact on the society, environment, and culture. However, this experience was immensely valuable considering my event management as my future career choice as it has given me a better understanding about the procedure and the real life drill of an event really helped me to realize how to work in a team and synergize all the tasks with others that are needed to execute a musical event successfully. However, as the course instructor promised us at the beginning of the course, I also came to realize that event management is pure fun.Planning an international musical event involves different aspects of the even including the financial planning, rules and regulations, possible impact on the local community, staff management, branding of the performers, sponsorship and so on.Different scholars attempted to define Event in different ways. Getz (1993) gave the minimalist definition of 'themed public celebration', which was further elaborated by Douglas et al. (2001) as events are 'for people to come together to celebrate, to demonstrate, to worship, to honour, to remember, to socialise'. From this list of public purposes, events look like modern day rituals which were reflected by the definition given by McDonnell et al. (1999) where they argued that events are specific rituals or celebrations that are planned and created to mark any special occasion. Goldblatt (1997) gave a much simpler definition as he said that an event is a 'unique moment in time celebrated with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs'.In my experience of working with this group, the first thing I realized about what an 'event' is that an event is not just an occasion where people come together, get entertained and go back to home. An event is much more than that. An international music festival has the power to change a small, relatively unknown...

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