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In this particular coursework of the new media course, the instruction was to make a 60 seconds news video. The news was to be shot by me and I could report any news of my choice.
It took me quite some time to understand the requirement for the course work and another great deal of time to come up with a concept for my video. I decided to check Google to see if I could get some concepts from 60 seconds news online. I saw a lot of news samples though but then it hit me that I would have to design a logo and also have to add effects to the video. This is where I actually thought to myself that I would find it tasking and challenging, because I have never shot a video before or actually used ...view middle of the document...

I asked some of course mates if they could help with some of the roles at the end only one person accepted to take the news anchor role. I decided to take up the role of the news reporter. I later asked around and finally got people to interview as students for the report. I had to get the equipment I needed to shot my video next since I had picked and found casts for my video. I decided to borrow a Nikon camera, camera stand, green screen and an audio recorder. Then I had to pick a day which I knew was going to be convenient for all my cast so we could shoot the video, so I had to get in contact with all of them they were all busy. Then I decided to shoot the individual scenes at different times because if I had to wait till they were all free I was going to waste my own time. Some days later my course mate that was taking the role of the news anchor called me on the phone, told me he is free and would like to do his part so he won’t slow me down. Then we both Planned to meet up to shoot his scene. I decided to write the script of the news he was going to report. I shot the opening and closing scene first with the person that took the role of the news anchor. I used the living room of my apartment to shoot the opening and closing scene. It took me like approximately 10 minutes to set things up for the both scenes. I checked and made sure everything was in place and made sure the audio recorder was working alright and set the volume to the right level. During the video shot there were a lot of mistakes made when reporting the news. At the end of the day up to six videos were made for each scene and I decided to pick the best three out of each scene. I felt at rest after the shot because it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because I have never shot a video before. Later on I had to get in contact with the people that took to the roles of the students and they both gave me a day when they were going to be free. They were actually both free on the same day which kind of made my work kind of easy. On the expect day of the next video shot I was excited because I couldn’t wait to wrap up the...

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