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Reflective Writing 1 Essay

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Throughout my life, I have been given experiences and people that have directly impacted my life and the direction it has gone. My parents have played one of the largest roles. Most people would probably select their parents. They have played a critical role in shaping my thinking. They have obviously played a crucial role in my religious and political views. I may not feel as strong about some things but I do feel that I follow an outline from what I have learned from them. My views of other people and cultures also are shaped by my parents. I share very similar views as them. This makes sense because parents play a large role in shaping who we are. As children we watch and learn on a daily basis from our parents. I feel that because my parents are tolerant people I share this same trait. I feel that my parents have definitely influenced me in a positive way. If you don’t have parents who help guide you and teach you as you grow up you are most likely going to be influenced by other people who may not influence you in such a positive way. Even in your parents are around, they may not always be such positive role models.
When I think about experiences that have influenced my life I can’t help but look back at father’s day in 2012. This was the last day I spent with my grandfather. This was my dad’s father, and he has always been a big part of my life. His passing came right on the heels of my high school graduation and only a couple months before I was set to attend Ferris State that fall. Watching someone I love so much lie in a bed struggling in their final hours has been on my mind since that day. It is not something you can ever prepare yourself for. I have always know the value of an education but after my grandfather passed, I was forced to rethink the path I was going to take. During high school, I never lived up to my full potential. I mostly averaged b’s and c’s. I knew that when it came time to apply for colleges, I would not get into Michigan State University, therefore I did not apply. I also received a rejection letter from Grand Valley State University. So I began classes at Ferris state that fall but it never felt right. After reflecting on watching my grandfather struggle in his last hours, I knew that I had not lived up to my full potential. This experience taught me to never give up without a fight. So, now I am here at NMC, I have received an acceptance letter from Grand Valley and am waiting on a decision from Michigan State. Regardless of what that decision is, I can rest easier knowing I gave it my all. I learned that holding myself back only hurts me. Losing my grandfather really influenced me for the better because it taught me and inspired me to push myself harder and...

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