Reform Now Before It Is Too Late

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Our founding fathers established America with greatness in mind, democracy for the people at its best. Decades have passed and the democratic practices our founding fathers created are changing in accordance of times. The government is no longer simple, the country is no longer of thirteen states, and the lives of people are different than back then. One must admit that there are problems with the current political system. It is crucial that reforms are made because the America political system is made of weak citizen participation and the undermining of campaigns for elections.
In the current political system, there is a widespread apathy of voters with no single definitive explanation. It is not a new phenomenon because as Rosenstone said, it is the “record of citizen participation over the last half of the twentieth century presents a set of vexing puzzles” (Rosenstone 1). The lack of citizen participation goes against the practical democracy our founding fathers fought for. In order for democracy to work, the people need to utilize to the fullest potential of what the government can presents. Offers such as deliberation, voting, and participation are the cores of democracy; yet in today’s political system, citizen participation is limited.
Though political scientists have been trying to understand the reason behind this apathy, no single possible justification can explain the lack of interest. Studies believed to have traced the “activism to the characteristics of individual [] to their educations, their incomes, and their efficacy” (Rosenstone 3). Kettering Foundation also suggests that because citizens are denied access to the larger politics being involved; politics was taken away from them, and the relationship between citizens and politicians. These reasons combined together created apathy of the citizens, leading to nonparticipation. The core idea is that whether citizens can participate in the political process and how much influence it has on the political agenda. Although participation is the key element in democracy, it has yet achieved its perfection in today’s political system. Furthermore, even though Mueller argued that participation such as election are not essential, with digitized democracy in practice, there are endless of ways for citizens to participate. Unlike Mueller, Barber argued that citizens’ participation is the key factor, and that “[s]trong democracy is defined by politics in the participatory mode: literally, it is self-government by citizens rather than representative government in the name of citizens” (Barber 151).
Imagine a political system without participation from its citizens; it would turn out to be a nation under some sort of dictatorship or monarchy. The simplest idea of democracy is that it is ruled by the people and of that, the majority. Without that notion, as show by the voter turnouts of recent years, we cannot continue to keep on leaving the decisions to politicians...

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