Reform Of The American Health Care System

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One of the major problems in America is the need for a new health care system. The number of uninsured Americans needing medical treatment is rising. Medicare, a major part of the American health care system, is projected to go broke in 2019 according to USA Today “Congress refuses to swallow cures for ailing medicare”. A public option will bring Americans their own pursuit of happiness. I believe that with a national health care system, similar to the one in Canada and some European nations, this recession will be decease. The problem with Medicare is that it is not efficient and it’s in serious financial problems. Medicare is not the only problem in American health care system. The Increasing amounts of uninsured people, prescription drug costs, amounts of prescription drugs per individual, and having to turn down uninsured patients are all problems dealing with this health care system.
There have been many attempts to move towards a universal health care policy in the United States. However, none of the attempts have left with national health insurance. Instead, health care is constantly being reformed. The public option plan would be more convenient and less expensive. This will allow Americans to have a “more perfect union”. The reformed health care will relieve the stress and frustration on millions of American nation. In our Recession, a lot of people are losing their job due to cut backs and families are struggling and can’t afford health care.
Recent data from the Census Bureau show that "43.4 million people in the United States have no health insurance coverage". Almost eleven million American children are uninsured. That’s one out of five Americans that don’t have health care insurance. Adults and children don't have medical coverage because they can't afford it. People who do have some form of medical coverage are often unaware of the hidden costs dictated by the private insurance companies. (By Census Bureau)
The ultimate goal of this new reform is to lower health care costs for the entire nation. In the public option the deficit will not increase at all and the money is paid for upfront. It also creates an independent commission of doctors and medical experts to identify waste, fraud, and abuse in the health care system. In addition, doctors will focus on putting their patients first and not practice making defensive medicine.
The cost of prescription drugs in America has risen to a level that most Americans could not afford them without the help of an insurance plan. The greedy and capitalistic pharmaceutical companies rely on the United States to fund the future development of drugs with skyrocketing prices. Public health costs are bankrupting individual Americans and posing serious challenges to the city, state, and federal budgets. Some people are even going to Canada and Europe to buy prescription...

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