Reformation And Reconsideration: Importance Of Greek Mythology And Why It Should Be A Part Of The Secondary Curriculum

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Achilles’ heel, Pandora’s box and the helm of Hades; these are just some of the terms that people often hear in their daily intercourse and interactions which are used to describe a certain thing or situation. For example, most people use the term Achilles’ heel to refer to someone’s weakness. On the other hand, Pandora’s Box refers to a possibility of danger through which was the result of one’s action or choice. These terms were derived from the Greek mythology, a collection of stories which originated in ancient Greece. Moreover, “a myth is classically defined as a story that has significance to a culture (or species), a story that addresses fundamental and difficult questions that human beings ask” (Abraham, 2009). Like the modern day scientific method, creation begins with a simple observation and questions. And from questions, the Greek mythology was born. It all began from man’s curiosity about his entire being, his purpose, identity, nature and other empirical things that he had observed. Through the Greek’s creative minds, they created divinities which would be held responsible for the occurrence of different phenomenon (such as earthquake, night and day, shift of season and etc.) Though, no historian can pinpoint or estimate the exact era when Greek mythology was created. Ancient Greeks are not only the bearer of these stories; they were also the bearer of a school of thought called the Classical Heritage. This discipline has a firm focus on the quality of knowledge which highlights the accurate and factual depiction and description of thoughts. The ancient Greeks used these stories as a reason and implicitly, they just use these stories and metaphors such as nymphs and naiads to personify the frightening creatures on their primitive and unexplored forests and above all, they used these myths as euphemisms and defense mechanism against their fear of the unknown.
Since the ancient Greeks (pre-Platonic) does not have a structuralized and formal way of organizing written works, most stories in the Greek mythology were passed down verbally or through oral tradition which resulted to different variations and accounts of the stories.
Robin Hard, author and pioneer in the field of Greek mythology explained that:
The myths of the ancient Greeks, like the myths of most other cultures, were forever in a state of flux, undergoing constant change as they were passed on by word of mouth and retold in different ways by authors of successive ages.
It is undeniable that Greek mythology is truly fascinating and ingenious. That is why the Romans adopted their beliefs thus changing only the names of the deities; Zeus turned into Jupiter, Ares turned into Mars and Hera turned into Juno. These stories which originated in ancient Greece travelled together with the spread of the Holy Roman Empire. The fame of the Greek stories does not end on the ancient times, a lot of variations are in the limelight today which includes the best-selling book Percy...

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