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The Reformation was full of war and inventions that many had never seen before. Some of these events were for good and some for bad. The first event in the Reformation was the Printing Press. The Printing Press started the circulation of the bible which started the spread of Christianity and the Catholics. The Printing Press was created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. Before the Printing Press the bible had to be printed by hand, which meant that the printers had to be written word for word. Since they had to be written word by word and it took so long for them to be made only the important people had them such as Popes and other religious leaders. So everyone would gather together somewhere and listen to the one man with the bible preach the word. This limited some from learning the word because of the language barrier. At this time all the bibles printed where in the Latin Language so they had to get translator and copies of the bible in many other languages.
Martin Luther is the creator of the 95 Theses which was a major document in the Reformation. The 95 Theses “protest against the sale of indulgences and clerical abuses.” Indulgences state that one can pay for the sins they committed also for the sins that will be committed in the future. Even though the 95 Theses rejects indulgence it states that you may be renewed through Christ and you can be baptized to do so. Luther argued that the Christians were being wronged and being tricked into these indulgences by telling them that they could find absolution within the indulgences. Because of the 95 Theses Martin Luther was excommunicated from the church. Pope Leo X issued the papal bull in January of the year 1521 which meant Martin Luther was excommunicated from the church and the church was to be closed unless Luther turned himself in. So he did and he was in jail for a very long time. Three months after he was excommunicated Martin Luther was sent to Rome’s emperor Charles V at the “Diet of Worms.” Luther was let go but named an outlaw and was...

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