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Refugees Essay

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Refugees Since I'm a swede, English is my second-language. So, this is just an english essay.
For a little bit over a month ago, I was in Gotenbourg. I don't remember why I found myself in Gotenbourg, I was probably going to watch a football game. But, yeah, Whatever, When I walked by a street I didn't realise there was a refugee just in front of my eyes, so out of the blue, I suddenly ran into a refugee, who was playing music. he looked like just like the man on this picture. As far as I remember the accident. My knee was under his guitar, And as I raised my knee up, his guitar was hit by my knee and it made him falling to the ground. From my perspective it looked like a horrible accident. And maybe he was hurt badly. But As soon as he was laying on the ground he siad: "I'm okay. There is nothing to worry about." As the crowd started to pay attention. He just kept saying. I'm okay. There is nothing to worry about. He quickly made his way back into the chair. And I took a deep breath, okay he is safe and sound. Anyway, I felt like I had to back up this accident. Somehow.
And you will hear more from this accident at the end of my presentation. However, My work is based on refugees. Recently, An election of the European parliament took place. It took place on Sunday. A topic of the election was refugees and racism. There are many persons in europe, whose say we don't want refugees in Europe, like they are not allowed to live in Europe. But there are also many parties, whose supports that we should take care of refugees. So, I found it interesting to figure out who is right and who is wrong. So should refugees be allowed in Europe.
When I read the reports of the human rights, you can always notice that we are on the wrong path when saying we can't take care of them. For instance In article two. It is written that: "Everyone has the right to life." And that is pretty much a central idea of the human rights. And the point I want to make is that. We do not follow this rule. As long as we invest in the since of military weapons and then transport, military-planes, and military weapons while saying we do not have enough money to take care of refugees. But in reality, we simply have enough money. But we spend our money on military-weapons instead of giving refugees a safe place to live in.
Of course military-planes results in a better economy. It's a good business. but still it goes against the human rights and should not be acceptable. It should not be acceptable since military-planes has developed the number of deaths. So the conclusion I will make,, is the reality: we do invest in weapons to get a profit from it, which means we make the war even worse. And we do not fall in step with the human rights. Since we can-'t expect the military transports to stop. Because if not europe, then, another part of the world will transport military-weapons. Then we have to let refugees experience and shair a life with us.
On the other hand, There are parties in...

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