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Refutation Of Difficulties With Biblical Creationism. Verse Support, Along With Many Sources Cited In The Work. Excellent For Term Paper.

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"It is apparent that the most straightforward understanding of the Genesis record? is that God created heaven and earth in six solar days? (Pun, P 14)" There are many theories of creation. While all creationists believe that God created the earth, they argue about the length and method of creation. Theological evolutionists believe that God, assuming His omnipotent "clock-winder" status, used evolution to create the universe, which puts the age of the earth in the billions of years. Gap-theorists interpret Genesis 1:1-2 as to say that He made the earth, then destroyed it after Satan fell, and made a new earth. Still others believe that God's days are much longer than ours are. This would mean that God created the earth in six "days" but this could have been billions of years. The last theory interprets the Bible literally. Those who follow this believe that God created the earth in a week, and that the earth is only a few thousand years old. Science has "proven" that this cannot be possible through many methods, all of which have been refuted by Christian findings. (Long)One of the supposed difficulties with Biblical creation is the age of the earth. A method called carbon dating came into practice in the scientific community to determine the age of fossils or rocks. Instruments are use to measure the amounts of carbon-fourteen, an element which is present in everything on earth, and that is used to estimate the age of samples. This method is inherently unreliable, as tests have proven. Pieces of a recently slaughtered goat's skeleton have been tested to date back to the cretaceous period. This puts the age of the earth at about four and a half billion years, but it could be a little bit older if it formed as a liquid mass, since this state resets nuclear isotope clocks which only date from the onset of a solid phase. The upper limit for the Earth by dating its oldest meteorites is almost five billion years old. That may sound like an eternity, until you start considering what has to have happened in that time. (Behe, Long)Human DNA alone consists of about three billion nucleotides of genetic instruction. This means that according to evolution, they must have evolved at an average rate of about three-quarters of a nucleotide per year. If the rate was not constant, then there must have periods when this rate was even faster. This does not even include the fact that the earth was not inhabitable for billions of years. The development of the preceding family members of Homo sapiens would also require billions of years to evolve. Evolutionists contradict themselves with their facts about the carbon date of the earth by testing strata of the earth. The earth that would be needed would have to be extremely old. If the earth were this old, it would put the sun one of its later stages, possibly giant, or completely burned out. The sun is known to be in the middle of its "life span" which is a fact proven by the best scientists in the world. (Johnson,...

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