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Refutation Paper: Edward Snowden, Our Modern Day Hero El Camino College English 1 C Paper

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There are so many ways a person of today’s society may gain knowledge of mass information. Whether it be television, your phone, newspapers, or articles, you will always have access to the details of your environment. Author Zachary Keck took his alarming outlook toward the events of Edward Snowden to the online global magazine The Diplomat “Yes, Edward Snowden Is a Traitor” to voice his own personal opinion on the events that transpired in 2013. In the article Keck stands his ground to prove and convince readers that Snowden should be held personally responsible without restraint for posing a threat to the United States national security. Although the concerning issue isn’t with his stance, but with the manner in which Zachary Keck chooses to execute the premise of his article. For the remainder of this paper I intend to point out and refute the identifiable flaws of his contention to prove Edward Snowden’s actions are actually heroic.
From the beginning of his article I noticed that Keck may have established a predetermined assumption on Edward Snowden. The article reads, “Full Disclosure: I have always felt that Snowden was a traitor”; this statement sets the intentions of his argument to prove his thesis. By already making his mind up about Snowden, readers could contend and prove that he is extremely biased. His passion for the argument seems to trump objectivity in his writing. Majority of the time Zachary Keck presents his personal preference, which isolates readers curious on the topic or who’ve yet to dictate a view toward the problem. Considering this text is very controversial, his statements made on his beliefs about the definition of a “whistleblower” are based solely on individual judgement. The author writes “Additionally, in my view, a true whistleblower believes in his or herself enough to be willing to accept the punishment their disclosures bring. If they truly believe in the righteousness of their cause, they’ll be confident enough that American people will ultimately come to appreciate their actions and they’ll be pardoned”. This quote assumes that all politically involved people engaged in advocating for the betterment of their nation must abide and depend on these guidelines. Honestly this isn’t realistic nor does it make it honorable. The lack of sensitivity in his language attack the quality of man willing to risk presumably his entire life just to inform to all people of this country about the National Security Agency’s direct breach of individual liberties.
US senator for Vermont and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders, publicly supports Snowden for his bravery to do the unimaginable for the welfare of this nation. Within “‘Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home’”, publicized by The Guardian, cites Bernie Sanders on the subject of Snowden’s astonishing discovery. “The information disclosed by Edward Snowden has allowed Congress and the American people to understand the...

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