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Refuting Evolution Essay

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Mike, a typical biology student, is working on his biology homework when he comes across a section in his book talking about evolution. Mike is confused, but soon whole-heartedly grasps the idea, seeing no opposition to the evolutionary theory in his book. Sadly, this is the situation throughout America, where millions of kids are being indoctrinated every day with the evolutionary theory. While the theory of evolution has many shortcomings and falsities, there are two main points that stand out against it: the lack of evolutionary fossils, and the inaccuracy of the dating methods. Darwin predicted that the fossil record would show countless transitional fossils, but even after140 years and great technological advances, all we have are a handful of disputable examples.According to New Scientist Magazine, "the entire collection of ape-man bones in the world could fit on a pool table." The famous Java man, considered for years to be a perfect example of a transition between humans and monkeys, consisted of only a skull cap and a leg bone. Later research on the skull cap and leg bone showed that the cap was distinctly ape-like, and the leg unmistakably human. The Java man's discoverer, Eugene Dubois, later admitted that the skull cap itself was found 46 feet away from the leg. The Nebraska man, used in the Scopes monkey trial, was reconstructed from a single tooth - later revealed to be from an extinct pig. The Piltdown man, used for forty years as proof of evolution, was actually a fraud, consisting of altered human and orangutan bones. More recently, the Archaeopteryx was found, and promoted to be the missing link between birds and dinosaurs because of its' having teeth, wing claws, and feathers. In reality, several modern-day birds have such teeth (the Hoatzin) and claws, like the Ostrich. Upon further examination, the wings of the Archaeopteryx were found to be fully developed and functional, and the bones were hollow - just as on all other birds. The feathers on the Archaeopteryx only solidify the idea that it is a bird, and nothing more.According to Dr. John Sarfati, "[Archaeopteryx] fossil specimens are, however, genuine - unlike the more recent and proven fraud Archaeoraptor, featured in Time magazine, where portions of different fossils were glued together to make a 'bird-dinosaur missing link.' " If evolution is true, then why don't we have millions of solid transitional fossils, instead of these disputable "links"? Now, if evolutionists believe these fossils to be true, just how exactly do they label them as "100 million years old" or "three billion years old"? The answer - the dating methods.You have probably heard about some of the dating methods, like carbon-14, but these dating methods themselves are gravely inaccurate, and yet are presented as infallible evolutionary fact. While there are many that can be used, there are two primary methods generally accepted by scientists: radiometric, and radiocarbon dating....

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