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Regain Strength And Stay Healthy Through Postnatal Exercise

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Looking and feeling good have both been high on the list of things to do among modern new moms, particularly those who reside in upwardly mobile countries, such as Singapore.

As one of the countries in Asia that has enjoyed fast and stable socio-economic growth over the years, the health system of Singapore is enviable. Postnatal care for both mother and child are excellent.

However, for many mothers, there are cases when it takes more than just following postnatal medical advice in order to experience post pregnancy weight loss.

For various reasons, not all women who have recently delivered, are able to stick to prescribed diets and changes in lifestyle, both to accommodate the need to take care of the new member of the family, as well as to lose weight.

Relationship Between Stress and Weight

After pregnancy, many mothers are thrust into the role of primarily taking care of their newborn. This is in accordance with natural functions, so, there’s really basically nothing wrong with it.

However, as natural as taking care of a new baby may be, the reality is that it can cause a great amount of stress for mothers of recently delivered babies.

The stress hormone cortisol has been found to have a connection with weight gain.

When too much cortisol is produced, the appetite increases, cravings for sweets escalate, and body fat tends to accumulate, especially in the abdominal area.

Obviously, this is contrary to attaining weight loss, which is why post pregnancy, new moms would do good to get the services of a personal trainer to lose weight.

Professional vs DIY Training

Why is it important to work with a professional trainer, instead of simply undergoing a do-it-yourself program?

For one thing, a personal trainer is more equipped to understand your specific goals in losing weight.

Not all excess body is located in the abdomen, which is why not all kinds of exercises will be good for everyone, specially for mothers of newborns who will naturally require a different kind of handling.

A professional fitness trainer can tailor a specific fitness training program that is laser-focused on what you exactly need.

This level of precision is very important to women who have recently...

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