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With the coming midterm congressional elections coming this year, early indicators suggest that 2014 could be the most expensive of these elections in United States history. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, candidates have so far officially, excluding the dark money that isn’t under scrutiny, collected $450 million through their campaign committees. It would be one thing if this money was from many sources ranging from rich to poor, small businesses to massive corporations; instead this money is from a small group of wealthy donors, which is funneled through non-profits, PACs, or committees created for the sole purpose of influencing policy.
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Anytime a Senator or anyone else votes on something, pay attention to who helped them get elected.
Unfortunately, our elected officials spend an inordinate amount of time fundraising. Do you think these corporations just give money out of kindness? Of course they don’t! They are amoral machines designed to make money, and when you can spend relatively little to fix the rules so you can make a lot, what company wouldn’t make that investment? It would be stupid to not legally bribe politicians.
Another stark example of how government officials can be swayed by money is the recent controversy dealing with General Petraeus and Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News. According to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, in spring 2011, Ailes asked Kathleen McFarland, a Fox News analyst, to pass a message to the General who was in Afghanistan. An audio tape surfaced of this transaction and Fox News acknowledged that the people in the audio tape are indeed Petraeus and McFarland. In the exchange, McFarland urged Petraeus to turn down the expected offer from President Obama to become CIA director and instead push for the position of Joint Chief of Staff where he could step down to join the Republican presidential ticket. She said that if he were to run, Ailes would quit Fox to run the Petraeus campaign, with Fox News propaganda backing him. McFarland also stated that News Corp. might “Bankroll” the campaign. Ailes later told a reporter that he did tell McFarland to deliver that message but stated, “It was more of a joke,...

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