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On The Issues Essay

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In this paper, the issues of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Environment, and Gun Rights will be discussed. I will give my opinion and the candidates for Governor of Virginia stance on these issues. The three issues are important to discuss because we need better roads and infrastructure. A better environment, such cleaner air and no harm to wildlife. We also need guns to defend ourselves when necessary.

Mr. Cuccinelli wants to try to find a long term solution to Virginias transportation needs is more than asphalt and more roads. It is an economic growth and quality of life issue. He said we need good transportation system too reliably and quickly ship products.
Mr. McAuliffe said to pick the right projects; and build the best ones, and protecting progress on funding for transport.
Mr. McAuliffe also said that we needed to strengthen the Virginia Department of Transportation because it is a large organization with different weaknesses and strengths.
Mr. McAuliffe said that we should support a rail system that supports Virginia because passenger and freight rail are assets in our networks. The things he said we should do is continue to support freight infrastructure and the commonwealth continue to partner with CSX, Norfolk Southern, and other freight operators to help support our ports. McAuliffe also said that we should move trucks to trains to get trucks off the highway. We should also support inter-city passenger rail service so that it is reliable and affordable. Some of the ideas he gave were to support passenger rail to Roanoke, support for the line from Charlottesville to Lynchburg. Robert Sarvis said that everything should remain the same and nothing be changed.
Ken Cuccinelli’s opinion on the environment is that we should reform domain laws but only for true public uses and join the EPA for management of storm water. When he was attorney general he authorized his office to join the EPA in storm water monitoring cases against homebuilders and to help the EPA to punish polluters.
Terry McAuliffe’s opinion on the environment is that we should restore our rivers, streams and the Chesapeake Bay, and should support water cleanup plans, work with farmers to reduce agriculture runoff. Protect the bays living resources by keeping the water clean. He also said to Identify and promulgates best storm water management practices.
Robert Sarvis opinion on the environment is that he supports enforcing property rights, to enable property owners to recover from environmental harms to their land by others. He also supports strict and strong liability rules and other market based mechanisms for regulating broader environmental harms such as water and air pollution, so that economic actors are forced to take into account those harms when making business decisions. He also supports the acts that help clean up the environment, such as the Clean Air Act that regulate industry smokestacks, acid rain...

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