On The Issues: The Race For Virgina Governor

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This year’s 2013 Governor of Virginia campaign was a tight race for the Republican and Democrat contenders. The candidates were Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. These campaigners had different views on marriage, immigration, and abortion, among other issues commonly discussed in politics within our country.
Marriage is a controversial subject in every part of the world. Whether you believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman, same sex marriage, or open marriages, everyone usually has a strong opinion on what they were brought up believing or think is right. Ken Cuccinelli is a firm believer in traditional marriage. His firm views are based on his Catholic roots. He had previously said “When you look at the homosexual agenda, I cannot support something that I believe brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.” (Cuccinelli, PolicyMic,Par.8). That is a clear statement of how he feels about same sex relationships. As far as Cuccinelli’s beliefs on divorce, he opposes it under all circumstances and thinks when a couple gets married that should be the only time.
Terry McAuliffe has publicly expressed his support for marriage equality by saying, “I believe everyone should be treated fairly… I personally favor civil marriage for committed couples of the same-sex.” (McAuliffe, LGBT Virginians for Terry). Mr. McAuliffe is a strong believer in individual’s freedom of matrimony, regardless of sexual status.
Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis also favors same-sex marriage. Married to an African-American woman, he cited in his first campaign ad that “My marriage was once illegal in Virginia”, referring to his own personal story and the case of Loving v. Virginia in which interracial marriages were recognized. This was the basis of his decision to fight for marriage equality.
Marriage and divorce are big issues no matter where you go in the U.S. and the views and beliefs on it can vary greatly. As a Virginian, I believe marriage should be a very important and sacred part of a person’s life. Couples should not have to answer to anyone before proceeding with marriage, besides God. Although I oppose same-sex marriages, I do not believe it is in the government’s authority to decide that right for anyone unless there is harm being done. Divorce is at a growing rate, mainly due to the unwillingness of couples to work through their differences. It is not right to stay married if there is abuse of any sort or in the case of adultery.
The rate of immigration is constantly growing, with our country being a “melting-pot” of different races. It is estimated the immigrant population and immigrant births are adding nearly 38,350 persons to Virginia every year. This equates to 42.8% of the state’s overall population increase. (Immigration to Virginia.US immigration support.) Ken Cuccinelli is a supporter of this act. At the first debate of the campaign, Cuccinelli offered...

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