On The Role Of Illegal Immigrants In Sustaining A Developed Society

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The Asylum Seekers Bill, passed earlier this month, focussed heavily on differentiating between 'genuine' refugees who have come to Britain in fear of their lives and 'bogus' immigrants only interested in the economic benefits that Britain can provide. The focus placed on the importance of keeping our country free of enterprising young people willing to work for us seems to have ignored the fact that their labour will profit the country considerably more than it will the workers themselves.That the first results of last year's census indicate that we are a million people short of previous estimates shows that even the huge influx of immigrants in the last few years has not yet equalled the outflow of skilled labour from the British workforce, which we desperately need to replace. But it is not just immigrants we need; illegal immigrants are vital to the sustenance of a Capitalist economy when a liberal government has made an a coerced underclass illegal and a docile underclass impossible.The Capitalist hierarchy is such that an underclass that performs unskilled jobs for little pay is as much a necessity as entrepreneurs able to raise the capital for their business ventures. But as they are not reaping the full benefits of their own work there need to be measures in place to stop the proletariat from trying to change their situation, with the use external force or internal indoctrination.Historically, Capitalism found a godsend here in the form of religion, which was well practised at the art of keeping the 'have nots' from trying to compete with the 'haves'. The docile underclass, like Hindu untouchables and St Paul's slaves, was a natural part of any formal social structure that was trying to keep a community peaceful and harmonious by constantly reinforcing the importance of social roles and the individual's position within that framework, and the exploitation of 'have nots' in the workplace was an obvious extension of this mindset. A cowed expendable workforce would not strike to gain extra rights that could detract from the profit-making machine.However, healthy Capitalism is heavily dependent on the middle classes who make the majority of consumer choices that guide the market. Being upwardly mobile, those who rise through the ranks break down the class model until it is not people like 'them' in charge, but someone like 'you'. Those at the top suddenly have to start justifying their positions and those at the bottom begin to question the validity of their social role. The docile underclass can no longer exist - the jobs will be done when forced by necessity; never again out of willingness.And now it is no longer a necessity. As a society's conscience is awakened by the knowledge that it is luck rather than divine providence that places some in a position of affluence and others in poverty, that society will start trying to protect those who have least by setting up a Welfare State, which admits that the underclass has an unacceptable...

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