No Matter What, War Is Always Murder<Tab/>

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Think about it, do you feel that killing a fellow earthling is the best means of way to solve a dispute? Our world has become a place where peace is not normal, war is. We are presently in the twenty first century, and everyone who has been born as of now is living through the time of the war in Iraq. But isn't one war, one too many? You can argue that war makes progression, but I can counter that later on in this essay. No matter what, war is always murder, and it should not be the answer to anything. My buddy, Albert Einstein, is the man with the great mind that floats above the clouds. Through vast observations and thinking, he has said many inspiring things about War. With his quotes I can easily support my opinions.Beyond e=mc^2, Albert Einstein, a famous theoretical physicist, was extremely anti-war, and his humanism led him to strive for peace, freedom and social justice. He became an active leader of the international anti-war movement and supported conscientious objections. When the Nazi rose to power, he insisted that the European and American government to prepare for the threats of Nazism. During the atomic era, in which he possible could have a role in, Einstein realized that nuclear weapons were a massive risk to humanity and could bring an end to civilization. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones," predicted Einstein.In history, there has been numerous of wars fought, and there could have been millions that have gone unrecorded. And zillions of lives have been recklessly lost and the numbers will grow. "So long as there are men there will be wars," remarks Einstein. From the time of the cavemen to the time where a teenage pop sensation can sweep a nation, there has not been a point where there is absolute peace around the world, a small or large war is always going on. There are no winners in war. Winning should not involve the taking of any lives, and it disgustingly unacceptable to claim that a war has been won by killing millions of lives of your opposition. We make many excuses to rage war. War used to be a way to gain land, to revolutionize, to get more power, or to win for the simple pleasure of being better than the enemy. Usually the leaders are the ones who start the wars and drag...

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