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Regenerating But Risky Technology Essay

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The spinning pinwheel, the rainbow wheel, the color wheel, and the beach ball. The spinning wait cursor, the marble of doom, and the spinning wheel of death. These are all names for that image you get when your cursor changes from beneficial to disastrous. There is good and bad in this floating icon. The image itself is pretty, hypnotizing as it spins around and around. But the effects this image has overall, could not be so pretty. The computer may make you wait patiently, make you force quit opened applications, or make you shut down and restart your computer. It is as if this spinning wheel, is like technology. Technology may seem sugar-coated with hypnotizing improvements, but it can come with the forceful, deadly doom into our lives. Many schools have established their own colorful wheel, abundant technology, into their curriculum. They do, though, need to explore the factors that may change the wheel into a shutting down of not only a computer, but also in their normal lives.
A factor that could have life-long impacts on children in technology-based schools would be the editing of their creativity and imagination. Technologic books, tests, and notes may hack into their brains and prohibit them from expressing their personalities. In source C, Esther Dyson states that “children are living in an information-rich time compressed environment that often seems to stifle a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it.” If children are surrounded daily by clicking, opening, typing, and closing, then how will they be able to live in their own selves rather than their technologic selves? Dyson metaphorically calculates this question by connecting the reality of feeding too much information to kids is like feeding them too much sugar-filled, processed food. The food will mess up the children’s metabolism just as the technology will mess up children’s informational metabolism. Dyson stimulates a spark in his audience to become aware of the harmful potential technology can have on children’s individuality. ****
Some children’s imagination though may flourish through the things they see in technology. They may become inspired by ideas they encounter and want to explore new opportunities outside of the screen they are looking at. Source F, fails to show how some children may react to schools relying solely on a technology based curriculum and instruction. On the other hand, the picture does exemplify the unawareness and lack of understanding that results from too much technology. What the picture portrays is something that should be considered before requiring kids to only use technology in the classroom. The precaution this picture provides us with is to make sure that communication is still a key component in children’s lives. The monkey is alone, and hypnotized by the screen...

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