Regime, Religion And Politic Essay

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Regime, Religion and Politics
For many years, religion has been peripheral to the concerns of political philosophers, but it actually means the connection between human beings and God or gods, or whatever they consider sacred. On the other hand, there is another crucial factor called “Democracy”, which is by far the most challenging form of the state - both for politicians and for individuals. The term “democracy” comes from Greek language and it means “ rule by the people”. In this essay, I will mention about how religions and politics are intertwined these days, and the ways goverments try to find the best solution for managing people. My specific focus here will be religious law ...view middle of the document...

” For instance, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Taliban soliders which is the most dangerous terrorist organization in that county, had sabotaged the elections using with many firearms. Additionally, Iraq or Iran have a wide range of terrorist for sabotating to layout; consequently, in these countries means of democracy cannot develop sufficiently. On the other hand, countries like Israel, which is ruled according to the Torah’s principles describe themselves as having a democracy .While religion still plays a crucial role in their politics, politicians can differentiate between their job/practice and the theory. To illustrate, Iran, the last 30 years, thanks to efforts were taken up with the literacy rate to 86 percent. Another example is that school starting age is 6 in Iran, according to students 5 -3- 4 which is the education system in that county, 12 year free compulsory education system is subject to.
Another argument by supporters of democracy in terms of equality of religious rules cannot find enough for equality in public. In other words, they claim that another means of religious law is theocracy. It means that, religious government is a manifestation of government in which a divinity is formally distinguished as the civil Ruler and authority approach is legislated by authorities viewed as perfectly guided, or is compliant with the convention of a specific religion or religious aggregation. Furthermore, some writers consider religion an anti-democratic force and an intruder in the political sphere. (Rocky, 1994) In contrast, according to classical philosophers (e.g. Tocqueville, Maritain, de Saint Exupery) who consider religion generally Christianity, as an essential asset of democracy policy or even the mainspring of democracy. By the way of example, religion provides certain fundamental principles supportive of democracy – among...

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