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Area Of Study: Diversity The Great Gatsby 'variety Is The Spice Of Life.' Discuss With Reference To Your Prescribed Text And Other Material You Have Studied.

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Variety is the spice of life. Without difference the world would lack interest and choice. The text "The Great Gatsby", the newspaper article "Halal harmony at sausage sizzle", the editorial image attached to this essay and the film "Sweet Home Alabama" all demonstrate this theory through the different aspects of diversity it shows and the different techniques the composer uses to display this.'The Great Gatsby' displays many aspects of diversity. It shows diversity of values and beliefs, class and social position, morality, financial position and financial background. In the text Myrtle is a very materialistic person. She values money and money spent on her. Daisy also values money as well as her social position in society. This contrasts with what some of the other characters value. Nick values honesty and Gatsby values Daisy which motivates his actions in the story. Diversity of morality plays an important part in the text. In society it is immoral to have an affair and kill someone. Daisy went against both these principles. She had an affair with Gatsby and killed her husband's mistress Myrtle. It is against society to commit these things and these should effect how she feels. Diversity of financial position can be shown through the characters Daisy and Nick for example. Daisy is rich and lives in a mansion while Nick lives in a small house that he rents for $80 a week. Social position is another crucial part of the text. Gatsby may have money, but he does not have a high social position in society. He holds many parties, but really has no real friends apart from Nick. This is then compared to Daisy who has many friends and knows a lot of people.Techniques such as first person narrative, gives the novel more feeling and shows the point of view of Nick. For example "My family have been prominent, well-to-do people in this middle Western city for three generations" (pg8). Dialogue gives the audience a better understanding of what the story is about. For instance "They've been living over that garage for eleven years". It also gives the audience the point of view of other characters. The use of setting such as "west Egg" and "East Egg" shows where the story is plotted and also suggests contrast and difference as the two places are opposite of each other.This text adds to the theory that variety adds interest to the world as it shows how different people react to different situations and how it can add interest into someone's life, such as Nick. He thought that Daisy's values which were to have an affair were different and found it interesting to see Daisy do it.The newspaper article "Halal harmony at sausage sizzle" relates to many aspects of diversity. It contains diversity of opinions about the war both optimistic and emotional such as "This will not be quick and painless. This war will continue to hurt by people" and "In our judgement the war will be won and the Iraqi people will have freedom they have never known". It also includes Diversity...

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