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Regional And Country Analysis Saudi Arabia

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Production IntroductionMotorola started its business in 1928 as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation and by Year 2006, Motorola became world number two mobile phones makers. The recent successful launch of MotoRazr is part of Motorola's mission statement to strive for more a creative and trend-setting design in Motorola's engineering concepts. Inspired by the successful Razr project, Motorola is planning to launch a high-end custom-design cellular phone in the oil-rich country of Saudi Arabia.This new range of cellular phone will have different leather outer skin. Customers can choose from different colored leather to match other fashion accessories like handbag and leather-strap watch. Besides choices of different colored leather outer skin, customers can also choose to have either a platinum coated or gold plated outer skin. On top of the outer skin selections, customer may choose to have different sizes and amount of diamond studs embedded on the outer skins and/or even on the numerical control buttons. This new cellular phone will be targeted as part of fashion accessories for our consumers and symbol of their identity high-class status. The following paper will review the historical view on economic, political, cultural, and their regional relationships of Saudi Arabia in order to position our new product.Historic PerspectiveEconomyIn the 1930s, oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia by U.S. geologists. The economic development of the country began after World War II when production of the oil began making Saudi Arabia an oil rich country. By the 1970s, they had the largest oil reserves in the world making them the leader in oil production and the largest exporter. Oil is "90% of the country's exports and nearly 75% of government revenue" (infoplease, Economy). The Saudi Government is the producer of 95% of the oil. By 1974, Saudi Arabia economy was the fastest growing in the world. Importing increased as well as trading with other countries. In the 1980s, oil prices increased and more oil fields were developed around the world. Once producing 10 million barrels a day, now producing only 2 million barrels a day. In 1997, oil prices decreased and there was less of a demand for oil. Today they are still the largest oil producers in the world and plan to "focus more on economic diversification" (infoplease, Economy). Their aim is to increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at the rate of 3.16% per year and a target to increase new jobs for Saudi nationals by 817,300.PoliticsSaudi Arabia government is a monarchy run country and "there are no political parties or national elections" (infoplease, Government). In 2005, they held their first municipal election that limits the king's powers. The king must "observe the Shari'a and other Saudi traditions" (infoplease, Government). Kings are chosen by the leading members of the royal family, amongst the family. There are 13 provinces within the kingdom and are governed by members of the royal family. These...

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