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Regional Comparisons Essay

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Physical features, climate, and even cultures compare and vary from country to country all over the world. Italy, Russia, China, and Indonesia are four different countries from four regions of the world that have both similar and different characteristics. In Europe, Italy has what is a called a Mediterranean climate which comprises of humid summers and moderately cold winters. This climate is basically equivalent to the climate found in California. Further East of Europe and into North Asia, Russia which is the largest country in the world has mostly a dull, Subarctic and tundra climate. South of Russia and into Central Asia and East Asia is the very populous country of China. The Eastern side of China, where most of the population is located, has mostly a humid Subtropical climate while Western China is mostly in a tropical/suptropical desert and steppe altitudinal zone. Down into Southeast Asia, along the equator are the islands of Indonesia. Like the many other island countries that surround it, Indonesia has a rainforest climate where it is constantly humid and hot. One feature that makes Italy unique is the ratio between its birth and its death rate. The majority of the countries in the world, including Russia, China, and Indonesia, the percentage of the population of the elderly is lower than that of the young. In Italy, 17% of the population is over 65 years of age and 15% of the population is under 15. Italy and China have certain issues to deal with pertaining to their population. One of the issues Italy is dealing with is whether or not...

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