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Regional Planning Essay

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A lot of people do not understand that regional planning is important for land development but most of them don’t care. Land development is very important to a community because without it,it would not be anything there or just a useless spot with nothing there.(According to Dr. David Prytherch on November 13,2013).In Miami University they teach planners techniques about being a regional planner. When individuals are at the University everyone has to be dedicated to the program. Plus individuals have to be willing to want to learn about the job and take it seriously. Another thing is when being a regional planner a lot of the planners believe in commitment to their skilled professionals. With that commitment they could end up being a superior themselves one day.
When learning about the field of land development at University’s, students are taking classes that demonstrate skills and thinking. Individuals have to apply planning concepts about problem solving in regional planning. Plus they have to do a demonstration on designs on regional planning and complete independent research and give group presentations. This experience helps prepare the students for the field and great job opportunities.
(According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011).Task of regional planning is planners are going to have meetings when with their group.Discussing a lot of things about the public areas.They will make changes to those areas if they are needed when they have discussed it with their group.Next the designs are going to have to be set up right that are being done for creating things in certain spots.If not everything is going to be wrong and the superiors are not going to like that a lot.
Technology that planners are going to need on the job will be are computers and gps.Planners are going to have to set up things on the computer.Things such as projects that need to be made when creating new places for areas.The gps is to know what spot areas spot planners are going to be in when they do their project.Another thing is planners are going to have to make sure that the graphics are set up right plus photo imaging.On the job there is four things needed gps,computers,tablets,and cellular device of technology that is needed when doing regional planning and have a right setup.
Skills to the job is make sure to understand the groups ideas and what they are willing to think of while creating things.Planners have to have good ability with their reading comprehension and writing plus understanding.That is important because if planners don’t know what their team is doing or talking about they are going to be out of luck on the job.More is don’t judge the group just make sure that they have ideas that are appropriate for developing.Being social with the group planners have to understand their reactions about things.These are the skills that planners have to have on listening and being with their group on this job.Planners will have to get use to it if they are doing...

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