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Regional Treasures: Using Mountain Gorilla Tourism To Generate Regional Revenue In Rwanda

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1. Mountain gorillas
Mountain gorillas are most closely related to the human beings of all mammals and as such are playing significant role in discovering and understanding the development of our own species.
These amazing animals could be found in central African region but because of habitat destruction and constant threats from people over the last 70 years, their numbers have decreased to around 950 ( Aldred , Nov 2012 ,The guardian ).
Rwanda’s geographical position and country reforms in the last 20 years have made it possible for gorillas to live in the safe environment and there is a strong initiative from the nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) to preserve this endangered ...view middle of the document...

She recognized the importance of these animals and knew what type of approach to use in order to protect them. With the help of Mr. Mcllvain they established the Mountain Gorilla Project in 1979 that will become International Gorilla Conservation Program in 1991. This whole story is of even more significance if we know that there was a civil war in Rwanda from 1990 – 1993 where many people lost their lives and working conditions across the country were almost non-existing

2. Marketing, tourist strategy

Following the Civil war in Rwanda very few people were optimistic about the future of mountain gorillas or even considering business aspect of the whole story, but starting from 1994 some significant steps were made. The government of Rwanda made an effort to create a clear tourism strategy. With private sector and UN input, the government successfully drafted a tourism strategy focusing on high-end tourism with conservation at the core of its plan. The strategy also outlined the need for diversification of tourism to international conferencing, birding, and other animals.
An international marketing campaign was launched to improve the image of the country abroad, while a domestic campaign aimed to increase local acceptance of tourists. Several market-based reforms were also adopted—namely, near-complete privatization of the hotel and leisure sector. This was a major step in creating the environment for profitable business and its most significant part were mountain gorillas.

2.1 First investment

It wouldn’t take long time after...

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