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Registered Nurse Essay

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As nursing is a career full of personal and practical awards. I want to be a little more than that. I want to be known as a hero in what I do. I want to join the Air Force Nurse Corps. The career of nursing is beneficial, because of the feeling you get when you’re helping someone in need and for the patient. The research will describe the career of Nursing, what is required to become a successful nurse, and the impact this career has on society. The Air Force Nurse Corps is an organization with a reputation for excellence in giving health care to military personnel and their families. People join the Nurse Corps to lead as a commissioned officer, to serve our country, our soldiers and their family.
Nursing is the fastest-growing occupation in the U. S. Nurses up the majority of the health care industry and may have up to 581,500 nurses by 2018. The Air Force Nurse Corps is more than 11,000 women and men dedicated to providing quality health care. As the largest healthcare occupation, registered nurses hold about 2.7 million jobs in 2010. Employment of RNs is expected to grow 26% from 2013-2020 faster than the average of all occupations. Employment growth will continue because of technological advancements and having more health problems to be treated.
As an RN, you will work with all types of patients, from newborns to seniors. RNs help manage diabetes, blood pressure, depression and other health concerns. Nurses help patients that are sick and they also help patients that are not sick to stay well. They can have many responsibilities ranging from direct patient care to administration. They interpret diagnostics tests, like x-rays or Ct scans. If something was founds to be wrong, they prescribe medication and if necessary, rehabilitation. Nurses are allowed to prescribe any time of controlled substance to any patient in the U.S. As a nurse, you are to perform physical exams to patients and make sure they are healthy.
RNs may work many places, for example private agencies, clinics, school, prisons, or government settings. These jobs often require nurses to provide instruction prevention of health care, disease prevention and nutrition. Nurses may work various hours and shifts including days, evening, nights and weekend. They may also be on call. RNs may work in occupational health or as industrial nurses at work sites providing nursing for employees. Some RNs prefer to work as office nurses, assisting physicians in private practice or clinics. Some office nurses work in emergency centers, and HMOs. These Nurses are expected to prepare patients for exams and assist with the examination. If you are working in extended care facilities, like nursing home may have similar duties as in a hospital setting. Nurse that work in that this type of setting are expected to develop treatment plans for patients. Nurses working in a hospital are assigned certain areas. For example, maternity, pediatrics, emergency, or intensive care or, they may have more than...

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