Registered Nurse: An Indispensable Profession Essay

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Ever since I was young, the most eye-catching career that caught my attention was nursing. I had always been interested in their ability to take care of patients in the hospitals and help those in need. Although I do not have any family influence during my youth, I was determined that this career was going to be my goal for a good profession as an adult. I wanted to provide support, care, and comfort to people who are not availed with advanced medical technologies, such as those in my home town, Ormoc City, PHL, who are suffering from extreme poverty. Not only does being a nurse guarantee the best of others, it also promises a secure life for me and my own family in the future. The ...view middle of the document...

” A current pre-nursing major student in UAA, Leny Diaz, commented that, “It’s not that hard to get in, although, you need to consider your GPA, entrance exam, and pass the pre-requisites before entering the program. The only aspect you really need to be concerned of is the fact that getting accepted is very competitive.”
The duties of a nurse not only imply physiological data but, psychological, sociocultural, and lifestyle factors, as well. It is a nurse’s responsibility to engage in the patient’s needs medically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are to perform physical exams and analyze health histories, provide health counseling and education, and possibly make critical decisions in needed incidents. Being that nursing involves taking care of their patient’s well-being, nurses often get attached to their patients. Mrs. Flores, a current nurse at Providence Alaska Medical Center, has experienced a time when she got attached to one of her patients. She was used to seeing and taking care of him at work that it made it hard for her when he passed away. Mrs. Flores advised that, “It’s important to know that people do pass away in this line of work and it’s always hard the first few years.” The responsibility of being a nurse is a heavy load. Nevertheless, the salaries and benefits that correspond with the career are outstanding.
According to Salary Wizard, nurses receive an annual average of approximately $76,917 in the United States, in disregard to the benefits and bonus that the career offer. It is estimated that the total benefits of a nurse, such as, social security, 401K/403B, healthcare, pension, and their time off, can sum up to about $107,265 a year. started off with an initial salary of 19.95 dollars per hour during her first year at the facility in 2002. After working for almost 12 years, Mrs. Flores is now...

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