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Registered Nurses Essay

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Nurses are considered the backbone of the hospital due to their hours of hard work and determination to help patients. Being a nurse is a great opportunity for people to show the world what they can do and to put themselves out there to make a difference. A nursing career can help you to become more confident in yourself. There are many types of nurses but we will be focusing on Registered Nurses(RN) because RN’s are the main connection between the doctors and the patients. Registered Nurses have long hours, many daily duties, and even influence the other nurses by guiding them in their career. However, they are rewarded with a good salary, and the thought knowing that they saved lives that ...view middle of the document...

” (Hultgren, Marianne). Another advantage of becoming a BSN is that you can go further in life by having more career opportunities, such as going to school later to get a Doctoral degree.

Nurses usually don’t have set hours to work, because it depends on the patient’s needs and progress. Most nurses average 45 hours per week but can work as little as 30, or go up to 55. Although they can get very long hours, RN’s can get paid a lot and “get offered flexible work schedules, childcare, educational benefits, and bonuses.”(Bureau of Labor Statistics). The average pay is around $65,470, but can go lower than $45,040 and higher than $94,720. “See chart 1 that shows the average pay for Registered Nurses depending on where they work.
Expectation/Daily Duties
On a daily basis, nurses impact many patients and their families, so it is imperative to keep up with their high expectations. “Accountability, ethics, competence, knowledge, and the practical application of knowledge are key elements that are common to all nursing standards and expectations.” (Larkin, Stephanie). Nurses are all accountable for every decision they make, so they are expected to be knowledgeable and rational in extreme or severe cases. They are responsible for doing everything in their power to care for their patient, even if means putting the patient’s safety and health above their own.
RN’s have many duties to their patients that are extremely important for the patients and the families of the patients. “Taking care of the patient will always be the top priority of registered nurses.” (RN Job Responsibilities and Job Duties). However, there are other duties of RN’s, such as guiding other nurses throughout their...

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