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IV’s (intravenous), vaccinations, and physical exams. The career chosen to research and is very interesting to the extent that one would be interested in doing in the future is registered nursing. One would choose this career because they are skilled at health and topics related to health; it is interesting to them, and they most likely also want to help others. This topic interests people because health is an interesting class favored by many people who like health class and learning more about it which can also help improve their own health and other’s health. This job may sound like fun, but there are a lot of facts that should be known before entering this career choice. Facts about things such as schooling, job outlook, pay/salary, and what one will be doing when you work in this career should be evaluated and considered. This career requires a lot of schooling; individuals will earn a good amount of money, and many jobs are going to be available in the future. There is plenty of work to be done when being a registered nurse; there will most always be something to do. There are lots of responsibilities associated with becoming a registered nurse and being a registered nurse!
Registered Nurses support, advise, educate, and provide patients with and about their conditions as well as coordinate the patient’s care (“Registered Nurses” para. 1). RN’s observe and infer about various symptoms that patients are enduring as well as record the observations they make (“Registered Nurses” para. 9). As well as recording data, RNs start IVs and treatments, as well as discuss treatments with their patient in order to maintain the patient’s health and help them cope with their medical condition(s) (“Career” para. 1). Often being the people who will speak to their patients about their health and prevention from diseases, they will also teach and educate their patients about how to care for diseases they may already be diagnosed with (“Registered Nurse” para. 1). Registered Nurses are very helpful in promoting and assisting with healthy lifestyles for their patients (“Career” para. 1). Also, registered nurses are able to assist with performing examinations or setting up their patient’s treatment(s) (“Registered Nurse” para. 2). If a patient is injured, disabled, ill, etc., registered nurses are usually the people who plan out the care treatment (“Registered Nurse” para. 1). They perform examinations, assist with operations, maintain medical records, and perform tests on patients (“Career” para. 2). Registered nurses must monitor their patient’s medical records, vital signs, and symptoms as well as order tests and diagnostics to be performed (“Registered Nurse” para. 2). Aside from doing their own work, registered nurses can supervise other nurses and nursing aids, but most nurses work or specialize in a certain area (“Career” para. 2). Vaccinations and medications are recommended by nurses whose patients have medical conditions, but only a physician can give...

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