Regression Analysis

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ANÃLISIS DE REGRESIÃ"N LINEAL Ãndices Bursátiles de EUA y México Eduardo J. Paxson Páez Universidad Anáhuac Maestría en Alta Dirección Administración de Operaciones I Prof. Francisco Reyes 19 de septiembre de 2001.INDICE I. INTRODUCCIÃ"N II. CASO DE ESTUDIO III. ESTADÃSTICAS BASICAS IV. REGRESIÃ"N LINEAL. MODELO LINEAL SIMPLE.V. AJUSTE DEL MODELO LINEAL DE ORDEN 1 VI. AJUSTE DE MODELO LINEAL DE ORDEN 2 VII. AJUSTE DEL MODELO CUBICO VIII. AJUSTE DE MODELO POLINOMIAL DE SEXTO ORDEN IX. CONCLUSIONES X. BIBLIOGRAFÃA I. INTRODUCCIÃ"N En todo sistema en el cual los valores de variables cambian, es de interés examinar los efectos que algunas variables puedan tener sobre otras. Incluso se puede llegar a descubrir una relación funcional entre ellas. Esto es, sin embargo, la excepción al estudiar procesos físicos. Muy a menudo existe una relación funcional descrita por una función matemática simple, como sería un polinomio, que contiene las variables pertinentes y se aproxima a la función verdadera. Al analizar dicha "función aproximada" podremos aprender más acerca de la verdadera relación entre las variables y de los efectos independientes y conjuntos producidos con el cambio de ciertas variables importantes.Aún cuando no existe una relación física tangible entre variables, puede ser de interés relacionarlas a través de una ecuación matemática. Aunque físicamente la relación matemática carecerá de sentido, dicha ecuación puede ser muy valiosa para efectos de predicción de los valores de alguna(s) variable(s) dado el conocimiento de otras.Para efectos de mi estudio, describiré y utilizaré el método de "mínimos cuadrados" para examinar los datos y sacar de ellos conclusiones significativas sobre relaciones de dependencia que pudieran existir. Este método de análisis es conocido como Análisis de Regresión. Particularmente, ajustaré la forma más sencilla de regresión por mínimos cuadrados, ajustando "la mejor" línea recta a los datos X y Y. Cabe destacar que este caso de ajuste de una recta se puede generalizar a casos en donde un mayor número de variables estén involucradas.Los propósitos de la regresión los puedo resumir en los siguientes puntos: · Describir los datos · Resumir los datos · Comprender / representar relaciones o...

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Determinants of Philippine Trade: A Regression Analysis of Trade and its Factors from 1980

1686 words - 7 pages researcher aims to determine the factors that affect Philippine Trade. Using the Ordinary Least Squares Regression Analysis, different tests will be used to estimate relationship between the endogenous variable, the regressand and the three exogenous variables, the regressors, and determine the latter variables’ significance in the model. Furthermore, since Trade is one of the important influences and illustrations of Globalization, the researcher

Using Forecasting, Regression and Decision Making Analysis for Wal-Mart Opening New Department in St. Catharines, Canada

3216 words - 13 pages decision model, they have to develop new strategy for introducing farm fresh.We have applied various models like decision analysis, regression and forecasting. Based on application, we recommend that Wal-Mart will make good profits and would be able to attract customers if it introduces new division of farm fresh at St Catharines.INTRODUCTIONWal-Mart"BUY IT LOW, STACK IT HIGH, SELL IT CHEAP"COMPANY PROFILEUSP: Everyday low price, Rollbacks Wal


4045 words - 16 pages variables. A good model can be used to predict how many games teams will win. Statistics. For each variable: number of valid cases, mean, and standard deviation. For each model: regression coefficients, correlation matrix, part and partial correlations, multiple R, R2, adjusted R2, change in R2, standard error of the estimate, analysis-of-variance table, predicted values, and residuals. Also, 95%-confidence intervals for each regression coefficient

Finding the price of a home using regression

3194 words - 13 pages % confidence level and a confidence interval estimate of a predicted value of the selling price were used. The MegaStat output of a Regression Analysis of the data was used as the foundation to calculate the multiple regression equation. The point prediction of the selling price of a house corresponding to the variations of values of the independent variables is: Y = -12.5988 + 0.0383(X1) + 4.3573(X2) -14.5371(X3) + 16.0610(X4) + 11.3576(X5) - 1.2168(X6

Regression in Psychology

1387 words - 6 pages Regression in psychology is considered to be a defense mechanism that leads the ego to revert back to the earlier stage of development rather than making an effort to handle unacceptable stimuli in a mature and adult manner.Regression examples in psychology can be seen in our day to day life. For instance when you are under a lot of stress from everyday life you may regress by going to your room and wrapping up in a security blankets or

the essay is an economics paper abt the relation between S&P500 and NASDAQ, using regression and other statistical tools

2419 words - 10 pages , seasonally adjusted.The two indexes selected for this paper are highly correlated. Due to their high correlation, the economic indicators listed above were placed in a spreadsheet and ran through various tests as well as a regression analysis. The S & P 500 is a list of the top 500 companies in the stock market and the NASDAQ is an index consisting mainly of technology firms. We have found that due to the recent demand for technology, the

Age Regression and Clinical Hypnosis

2119 words - 8 pages Age Regression and Hypnosis"The complex and intriguing relationship between hypnosis and memory started to develop more than a century ago, when therapists began to use hypnosis as a tool to help patients recover memories of traumatic childhood events, which were considered the cause of adult psychological symptoms". (Lynn, Rhue, & Kirsch, 2010, p. 709).Hypnotic age regression is a therapeutic technique to describe the process in which a

Human capital theory. Regression Analisys

1667 words - 7 pages equation for all employed workers: log(wphi) = _0 + _1edui + _2expi + _3exp2i+ ui (1)The estimation of the Mincer equation is given by:c)Interpret _1. Calculate the marginal effect of education on wage.measures the proportional or relative change in WPH (gross wage per hour) for a given absolute change in EDU (education in years of schooling). We can show it mathematically, as follows:In this specific regression =0.0774464, so wages increase by

The Pronounced Regression of Today's Society

1499 words - 6 pages “A refreshed mind is a creative and productive one,” is a quote written by Kathy Bell, in her book Regression (Bell). In a society that is continuing to regress to the ways of previous historical times, does it make you think that maybe no one is working to keep their mind refreshed and allow our society to grow as opposed to it going backwards? Particular aspects of our society are regressing to ways that can be compared to those of the

The Regression of Human Rights Under the Putin Administration Russia

1713 words - 7 pages The Regression of Human Rights Under the Putin AdministrationFollowing the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were many changes enacted to the Russian government that sought to reform (over time) the former Communist Soviet nation into an idyllic picture of Western Democracy. By the turn of the century Russia was beginning to demonstrate several signs that hinted at a healthy democracy were beginning to emerge. These signs included such

Forecasting case, Kwik Lube

2022 words - 8 pages (Kwik Trend Analysis)Measure Value Future Period ForecastError Measures 9. 1,362,143.Bias (Mean Error) -0.0156 10. 1,455,952.MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation) 50,773.7969 11. 1,549,762.MSE (Mean Squared Error) 3,498,808,832. 12. 1,643,572.Standard Error (denom=n-2=6) 68,301.3828 13. 1,737,381.Regression

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1456 words - 6 pages the sales dollar levels. A regressive analysis study between inventory and sales dollars could provide the direction needed to find the balance and lean financial requirements of Dominion's upper management team.Description of the Regression AnalysisUniversity of Phoenix defined regression analysis as a statistical tool used to estimate the value of variable based on the value of another (University of Phoenix, 2006). The objective of regression

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3788 words - 15 pages for each variable is given, which is further elaborated by employing the core monetary theories to interpret and justify the relationship. Afterwards, empirical studies with different and contradicting conclusions are discussed. Moreover, empirical analysis is performed by running a standard regression. Its purpose is testing the degree of correlation between the growth rate of money in period t-1 and inflation in period t. For the regression