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Regular Physical Activity Helping Prevent Illnesses

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It is well documented that regular physical activity is known to decrease the prevention of illnesses and increase the health of the individual. Engaging in regular physical activity is important in old age; as people get older, their bones get weaker depending on the amount of physical activity they take part in, such as the elderly for example most elderly people move into residential homes because they cannot look after themselves to the full extent that is required, from there on this is where carers are brought in and fitness instructors to help the people living in the residence. This essay will discuss the importance of physical activity and how it benefits people’s mental health such as the elderly. (The Effects of Exercise in the Elderly, October 18th 2008)
The benefits of exercise are shown in many cases such as, activities involving movement which strengthen muscles and bones, for example; walking on the spot improves the functioning of the lungs and heart, gets the blood flowing in the body also and loosens the muscles. Physical activity is great for the elderly people’s minds, it keeps them concentrated for example in some residential homes fitness instructors or carers play games with the elderly such as passing the ball around the room or pass around beanbags as they are a lot softer. Other activities involve getting up and just walking around the room for maybe thirty to sixty seconds. This benefits the elderly simple because it helps increase bone density by using their muscles and it also helps maintain brain function and a healthy mind.

Research has shown that physical activity can be of benefit to an older person’s mental health; for example, a study of women from the age of seventy onwards shows that those with the highest physical activity to have a twenty per cent lower risk of cognitive decline. A Report from the Alzheimer’s Association gave an estimate that there are at least thirty five million people living around the world with such illnesses as dementia. (The World Alzheimer’s Report 2009)

Throughout the research that was carried out for this essay, the following evidence was found to show that there is services out there who work with the elderly to improve their physical and healthy well-being. These services are put in place to make sure the older adults of our generation are looked after and giving the care that is required.

The ‘Fit for Life’ team are qualified professionals who are providing a service to improve the quality of life of the older adults. Their team consist of a broad...

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