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The debate over the prohibition of marijuana has been ongoing for years, but with 16 states and D.C. now declaring medicinal marijuana legal, the tides are turning. Recently, California has put into action a new act titled The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 to be voted on in the next election season. Marijuana reform has become such a wide debate for many reasons, including personal freedoms, medicinal benefits, and states’ rights. The federal government has had possession of cannabis outlawed since 1937 after every state had made the same decision, so across the land marijuana was illegal. Since then there has been a war on drugs which has mainly focused on cannabis, this is where the main conflict of states’ rights and federal law has come from. The main positions of the legalization of marijuana are for or against; it barely varies between recreational use and medicinal use against complete outlaw of it. The main reason people are against the legalization of marijuana is because the issue doesn’t affect them one way or the other so often there aren’t compromises. Within those who are for legalization, it varies more widely, some are for full legalization where adults may use marijuana at their own whim, to legalization and regulation similar to wine regulations, to legalization for strictly medicinal use. For my purposes we will only be discussing regulation of marijuana like wine, as the act proposes.
The two articles about this specific issue are from Cannabis Culture: Marijuana Magazine and The former, Battle of the Marijuana Bills: Why 'Regulate' is Better Than 'Repeal', discusses the Californian act as opposed to another similar act, The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012(RCP), and the differences between the two acts, but CC is largely in favor of The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 (RMLW). The latter, Regulate cannabis like wine? A look at one potential 2012 legalization effort, discusses whether RMLW holds any weight and will pass or not.
Battle of the Marijuana Bills: Why 'Regulate' is Better Than 'Repeal' is framed around the idea of RMLW versus RCP, and the reasons behind regulation as opposed to repeal. The author, David Malmo-Levine, uses the law and current issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana to prove why RMLW is better than RCP. For instance, a problem with RCP is that it doesn’t address California’s Health and Safety Code 11999 that defines marijuana as a controlled substance, which could be used to uphold marijuana prohibition. RMLW on the other hand includes the repeal of this section so the problem does not continue or even fester. Ignoring laws and codes that are already in place cause difficult legal problems or are the reason acts won’t get passed. RMLW seems to have this in mind; many of the parts of the act that Levine discusses are about repealing different parts of California law, such as repealing felonies for marijuana possession for minors. As it stands right...

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