Regulate Yourself: Don’t Blame The Food Industry

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Regulate Yourself: Don’t Blame the Food Industry

Eating healthy is a major concern in America. Some people believe that food industries are to blame for Americans unhealthy diet, while others think the responsibility for implementing a healthy diet is up to the individual. Mark Bittman, the author of “Can Big Food Regulates Itself? Fat Chance”, argues that allowing food industries to self regulate what’s healthy and unhealthy has resulted in marketing unhealthy food as being healthy. Bittman has a point: food industries are spreading propaganda in their advertisement about how healthy their products are. The food industry should take responsibility for that, but it is still up to the individual to eat healthy. Food industries should not be forced to adhere to regulations.
Food industries spend billions of dollars advertising products to children. In the past the Federal Trade Commission has held back from taking an aggressive role in controlling the way food industries advertise. The FTC can legally control the way food companies are advertising unhealthy food to children if the advertisement is misleading. But mostly they don’t have much control, they merely give suggestions. These suggestions ask that the food industries market real food to kids instead of the junk (1). Foods that are low in sugars and saturated fats should be marketed to children, not the food that could cause a child to be unhealthy. The suggestions from the Federal Trade Commission were rejected; instead the food industries came up with their own guidelines for how they advertise food. The attempt some of the food industries made to make a few menu items healthier hasn’t been sufficient. McDonalds attempted to make happy meals healthier by adding apples, decreasing the amount fries and substituting milk for soda (1). Bittman believes food industrialist like Kraft is said to be making small changes to their hyper-processed foods so that it will have a larger amount of fiber and a lower amount of sugar, even though that doesn’t make products like Cookie Crisp or Kraft singles any healthier (1). Self-regulation allows Captain Crunch to be part of a balance breakfast (1). So far self...

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