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Regulation And Accreditation Essay

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Regulatory and accreditation agencies have participated in the nursing community for several years. Regulation in healthcare started as a registry process to protect patients and healthcare givers. Currently, regulation serves the purpose of protecting patients. It also helps in defining healthcare practices and nursing education. In order to understand the function of regulatory and accrediting agencies and practices one must understand their definitions (McWay, 2003).
A regulatory agency has the responsibility of creating and enforcing rules or regulations of the law. Accreditation is a voluntary and self-regulatory process that non-governmental associations recognize programs put in place to meet or extend standards of quality healthcare. Accreditation also helps in the improvements of institutions or programs related to the use of resources, application of processes and achievement of results (Lundy & Janes, 2009).
There are several regulatory and accreditation standards that exist in the case study. First, preventable measures have been used as a regulatory standard. For instance, professionals have increased malpractice lawsuits after falls. Patients and their families institute these lawsuits to suggest that better care would have prevented the fall and injuries. Malpractice suits serve as a preventive measure. They are used to prevent many patient falls from occurring. The jury awards for the perceived unnecessary complications. The methodological explanation of malpractice suits is that fall prevention is a nursing assessment issue (Miller, 2006).
Secondly, healthcare organizations have developed preventive measures used for the prevention of patient falls. For example, healthcare agencies now collect data and use them to improve patient safety. The nursing staff collects information about falls. They also use patient assessment that coves historical and physical information about patients to determine susceptibility of falling. This information helps nurses and other healthcare givers to prevent suspected falls from occurring.
Accreditation standards include recording and storing data as a requirement by government agencies and a focus of media attention. Healthcare agencies collect patient data, carry out assessments and record them as compliance to the requirements of accreditation agencies. Healthcare agencies are required to report information of patient falls to relevant accreditation agencies, for instance, the New York State Commissioner of Health. The accreditation standards discourage hospitals and healthcare agencies against underreporting (Mullner, 2009).
There are established strategies used for meeting regulatory and accreditation standards. The first strategy involves setting up valid measures for reporting patient falls. A valid measure defines a set of events that happens in a circumstance full of opportunities, for that event to occur. For instance, this strategy illustrates a formula where the numerator of the...

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