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Regulation Of Stricter Gun Control In Canada

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Gun control in Canada has been a controversial issue since it was imposed in 1892 by the Criminal Code. Many parties such as anti-gun-control lobbyists challenge stricter gun control while others believe in more strict laws for firearms. Historically, Canada has always had more rigid gun laws and regulation of weapons over the United States. Canadian firearm law is regulated by the federal government. In 1991, Bill C-17 promoted stricter guns laws and required individuals to obtain a criminal record check to acquire firearm However, in 1995 the Liberal government called for the registration for all firearms. Prior to 1892, any individual carrying a firearm without reasonable cause was imposed to six-month sentence. Since 2001, federal gun control legislation passed Bill C-68 which requires all gun owners to obtain a license to possess and acquire firearms. In 2005, roughly 16% of households in Canada possess some form of firearm. Due to the fact that homicide rates are dropping, gun laws disproportionately affect law-abiding citizens and gun control does not address the root causes of gun crimes, increased gun control in Canada not justifiable.
The population of Canada in 2012 was 35 million people and there are about 2 million gun owners. Over the past decade, gun crimes in Canada have plummet. According to statistics Canada in 2006, there was a homicide rate of 0.58 per 100,000 population. On the other hand, the United States stood at 3.40% of firearm related homicides per 100,000 population. In 2006, there were 190 homicides due to firearms which decreased by 16% from 2005 (Statics Canada, 2013). However, vast majority of homicides committed in Canada are not due to firearm but other weapons such as knives. Statistics Canada reports in 2006 there was 1.27% rate of non-firearm related homicides per 100,000 population. From 2006 data, 75% of violent crimes were physical force, 6.2% were knives and 2.4% were firearms on all victims (Statics Canada, 2013). As seen from statistics firearms are less of a threat then knives. Imposing stricter gun laws will not decrease crimes since it is already a small percentage compared to physical threats or knives. Although, some lobbyist groups argue for ban of firearms, it will not decrease crime. In 1977 to 1992, England and Wales introduced a law which prohibited gun control; as a result it reduced the rate of legal firearm ownership by 22% and there was a dramatic decline in civilian gun ownership. However, the reduction of legal firearm had no tremendous effect on violent crimes, robbery or homicides (Mauser, 2013). Ban on weapons only affects individuals who follow the law and not criminals. Under the Firearm Act, a first time offender who fails to register a long gun is subjected to a $2,000 fine and/or 6 months in prison. Serious crimes such as premeditated criminal activities receive 10 years in imprisonment for first time offence. Many parties dispute that the reasoning behind Canada having a...

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